Autumn and Ghost Ferns - Macro Photography

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Most Ferns are just a general green color, not changing much as the seasons change. But there are a few types of Ferns out there that have alot more color added to them than others. I want to share two of the Ferns which have a little more than just green in them. In the first photo is a Ghost Fern. It is a hybrid, a cross with a Japanese painted fern and a Lady Fern. It gets its colors from the painted Fern but is slightly different with the Lady Fern added to its genetics.

Camera ModelLumix GH3
LensOlympus MSC ED M. 60mm Macro lens
Shutter Speed1/320 sec
Film Speed200
SpectrumVisual Light
Wavelength380 through 700 nanometers
LocationNorth Georgia USA.

The green color of the Autumn Ferns can be seen to the left of the above image. Makes it possible to see how different the colors of different fronds can be.

I got these plants at a discount from a plant nursery. They were sick at the time, but with good placement in the ground and some care they are now flourishing. And some of the biggest Ferns in my garden besides the Cinnamon Ferns.

This is a Autumn Fern, it gets its name from its yellow color giving it an appearance as if its the fall and its losing its bright green fronds. It tends to change its color over the year going from a basic green color. To a yellow copper like color.

Another Ghost Fern, but with the whole plant in frame. I really like the colors of the fronds. They are perennials meaning they die back in the winter and emerge again in the spring. When they first break above the ground they are a deep purple color and lighten up as they grow.

Since moving to Georgia ive gotten more into Ferns, I think its due to all the shade they really thrive in this climate. And they are hardy enough to survive the winters and come back stronger every year.

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