More Strawberries from Just One Plant

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Have you ever seen those tiny pots of strawberries at your local garden store? Luckily I bought one this summer and took it home. From the small container, I gently planted into a larger pot.

Each day, I watered and watched it grow from a small plant to a tiny blooming bush.

One day I noticed a vine grow out of it. What? It's growing tentacles like an octopus? I ran and checked on the internet, thinking my planted was mutating or something.

I found out that strawberry plants spread out what are called 'runners' ( vines ). These thin, long runners grow into tiny plants and from those plants, more runners grow until you cut the runner from the last plant.

With each tiny growth, I set them down against the soil with bent toothpicks, so that their roots could grow into the soil.

As soon as each tiny plant had it's roots fully grown out, I clipped off the runners and vola! A new plant has been formed.

I ended up with 4 more new plants. Who new, that one can 'make' more strawberry plants from one potted one.

Right now, I am waiting for some of the strawberries to dry and shrivel up so that I can collect the tiny seeds and store them to grow more plants next year.

I'm also trying to grow peppers but they're not doing too well...

All this hot sun this year seem to have dried out a lot of my plants. Oh well, I'm still a newbie at this.

Happy gardening all! 😊


You have a green thumb for plants.

LOL! Still learning ...

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