Autumn Planting Season- Two Weeks in Growth Update

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Hello fellow planters and homesteaders!

Now is a great time to plant crops if you are in the south. I utilize raised-beds, which are easy to build using scrap wood and blocks. I use steer manure, which is the cheapest soil you can buy.

I am two weeks in, and check out the results:


Squash. Easy to grow and very hearty.


Lettuce. Huge yield. Last season we ate this crop for 5-months straight before it went to seed.


Spinach. I eat this daily. It is a great source of iron and fiber.


Carrots. These grow like a weed. You can grow them in soil if you need to with no fertilizer.

I plan on building three more beds for squash. I also plan on chopping and storing these crops in my Chefmate freezer.

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