Cutting, Cutting, What a Satisfying Morning!

in #gardening5 months ago


No matter how busy I am, I always take the time to do my morning routine with my vegetables. Just watch them grow green and get bigger, or start harvesting them.


My ears have a new list of voices that satisfy me. The sound of scissors meeting the green leaf stalks. Really crunchy!

It felt like I wanted to cut their stems constantly.

After previously harvesting a basket of Pakcoy, today I also get another basket of green vegetables, the Caisim type.


Look at those Caisim leaves. Really looks healthy. I am very grateful that even without pesticides, my vegetables managed to fight bugs. I have to be extra checking for any bugs sticking to the leaves around the ground.


So far, Caisim has been able to defend against pests. Maybe it was because I placed my planting land in an area far from the bush.

Sometimes a little grasshopper would land and, thankfully, the grasshopper didn't eat up the leaves of this vegetable.

It didn't feel like this Caisim was already two months old and they were entering the peak of their age. Some of them have already issued flowers and will become seeds for seedlings.

I know posts like this might bore you to see them. But I feel this is an encouragement for me. I feel like I don't want to miss a moment creating stories and memories on my blog about my plants.


My blog about this plant also serves as my notes for the development of my garden. And the good thing is all my friends can read this and I hope it will bring new positive things that are useful for you.


I am in a good mood by having plants that I care for. The big positive energy within us must be shared into something good to build a better community in this life. Do you agree with me?



@anggreklestari, I already know why you're loving to the gardening and staying with nature. It doesn't matter how busy you're. I think your family members eat your garden's grow vegetables many times. It's good for your healthy and pocket. In fact Caisim leaves has nutritious ingredients. I heard Caisim leaves good for our skin. Am I correct?

Yeep youre correct. My mom loves the veggies from our garden :)