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With more and more fruit ripening, today's crop provided for a full salad.
We've got some peas, tomatoes, cucumbers and a couple of nasturtium flowers.
Cucamelons, also called mouse melons for obvious reasons. They look pretty cool and taste like a lemony cucumber, they have a nice tanginess.
Lemon cucumbers. These look weird, but don't be misled by their appearance, they have a delicate texture and taste, they are sweet and don't have the regular cucumber's bitterness.
Here's how they look inside.

Added some chives from the garden and a look at the finished salad!



And it tasted delicious!

This looks AMAZING! Where do you get the seeds for the 'mouse melons'? Hey look like a fun thing for my kids to grown. I live in zone 8a - do you think they would grow well here?

Thank you!
Half of the mouse melons are grown from seeds bought on ebay, the other half I got as seedlings from a supermarket in town. I think I would be in zone 8b; I had to plant these twice, the first lot died after a cold night so the ones I have now are from the second planting in April. I'm sure you could grow them during the summer months without any problems and I think your kids will like them!

Nice salad, thanks for introducing me to the cucamelon!

Thank you!
It's the first time I'm growing it. These plants grow like crazy, would do great as a climbing plant on a fence or house.

good post
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That looks so good. Fresh salad straight from the garden has to be one of the big joys of life.

I agree! Growing your stuff is so rewarding!

Nice job that looks absolutely delicious, I've always wanted to try lemon cucumbers.

Thanks! I was really looking forward to them ripening so I can finally try them as I've never had them before. I do like them!

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