Growing Food in Outdoor Hydroponic System

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This is a 17 gallon container with 60L/min air pump and 3 airstones. I was originally using a 15L/min air pump and 2 stones, but as soon as I upgraded, the root systems began growing much more full filling out the container and a week after the foliage began getting much more dense.
The purpose of the air pump in reservoir is to keep the roots at optimal oxygen uptake and optimal moisture. When you have roots in the reservoir with enough air, the plants will continue growing 24/7 with no downtime while the plants in soil will only uptake nutrients while at the correct moisture range.
This project was started about 35 days ago, the original post with picture of starting plants here:

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O.o an interesting idea with such a container. I will make at home. At the moment I use such containers, but for breeding locusts and crickets for lizards and spiders.