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Since I haven’t been trimming the tomatoes, they have been growing outward like a bush instead of growing upward. 4th pic shows the stem on the tomato plant splitting from the weight of the branches.
When it comes to flowering and fruiting, the peppers have been producing just fine while the tomatoes have a few flowers but no sign of fruiting yet.
Here’s pics of the set up when I started it: https://steemit.com/gardening/@doctorspence/outdoor-hydroponic-update-2018-06-23-19-45-34

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Beautiful plants :) I like what you do. I also have a few plants and I always try to take care of them as well as possible

Our tomatoes look about the same age

I havent trimmed either. So is that bad?

One problem with not trimming is that the nutrients will be going to all of the branches and leaves that are below the flowers and fruit instead of going to the fruit to grow. The optimal way for fruit production is to keep the tomato growing as one single stem trimming away all the branches and suckers below your first flower growth.
I let the hydroponic system grow free but here are pics of my other tomato plants that are training to be trees


Aww man. Trimming seems like I was hurting the plant. I should look at it like a hair cut. Lol
Thanks. Needed this info.
Have a wonderful weekend!

Start with the dying or discolored leaves at the bottom! Thank you for coming by.

Ok. Will do. Thanks. ;)

Great job with the gardening. Scotts miracle grow?

Thanks, yes I just use the Tomato specific water soluble MiracleGro. It hasn't been as concentrated lately as it should be though, currently sits around 700 PPM while tomato need to be at 1500-3000 PPM. The reservoir gets diluted from the rain.

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