Stretch... Stretch... And Stretch Some More, Goes Each Sprout

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Watching each of them kind'a make it look like that - as if each sprout does some of those stretching workout to get taller and keep growing.



All that long wait is over, I've finally set some of them in the veggie garden. The long wait of being free from the mini pots are over, most of them can now really absorb the nutrients they need to grow in their respective patches.




It took me time to wait for the many of them to stretch themselves up to the sun. It took a few weeks of constant watering, poking the soil to loosen them every now and then and that constant ridding of the green aphids that were chewing on them before I even could. Of course, watering them with a plant food solution has somehow helped and worked on them like magic potion.



Still ... it's the earth and being in it really gave them a boost. They are greener than green now, looking all healthy and happier than ever. What an easy life, sprouts seem to have. They just glitter all green in the sunlight. Probably gets tickled by an earthworm or two sometimes ...



That all day summer warmth and evening of rains combination allowed me to rest from biking to see them in my vegetable garden and let them drink during the burning hot days. If the weather goes on like this, it'll all work out just fine.




Among all of them, I find the sugar snaps the most elegant. Climbing their way up to achieve their full potential. Looking like flamingo dancers on a hand pose. Unfortunately, a bunny and a group of them berry thieves chewed them all up leaving me no choice but to sow another batch. I should have placed a net around them like I did to the broccoli but regrets always comes later.



My greenhouse is already in an explosion of more sprouts waiting to be placed in their patch but I ran out of nets and so did the stores. Even though, I've placed them in the soil according to the months they should be sown, I'm worried that I'm hindering them to grow for not planting them in their patch already. It's all about perfect timing you know.


Some of them don't like short trips and I mean replanting them from pots to the ground that concerns me, too. Unfortunately, I had no choice but to sow them in pots first due to the odd weather we had in Spring. Fingers crossed everything works out just fine. I was promised the nets would also be available soon.


Some of them ... have been to so many of my morning juices and salads. They are yummier when they're younger. Can you guess which ones? If you take a closer look at the greenhouse pic, you'd find some crumbs of clues in there. Some of those will have to go to the veggie garden eventually, they'd grow their best there anyway.


Can you guess which vegetable owns these sprouts? 1% up to the first ones who'd shout the answers out. Kindly identify just one sprout (please don't forget to mention the number of that pic you are identifying) so the others get their chance as well. As long as this post has not been paid out yet you may keep guessing. Btw, the sugar snaps and the broccoli's been given so they no longer count ;).

This content's 100% mine . I took the pics with my D Eye .. Right click on the pic to open it on a new tab.

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Thank you for posting dear @englishtchrivy.

What lovely photographs......and reporting. ^__^

The opportunity to visit your greenhouse is appreciated mon ami.

You are right about the very elegant.

Sorry to hear there were no nets to be found.....perhaps soon.

Wishing you the all the best in your gardening endeavours.

A bientot xox!

No worries......^__^

hi ya mon ami
lovely to see you

nets have been delivered :)
and those sprouts are no longer that small
the moment I put them in the ground they hasted stretching some more
I hope you're having a great weekend!
TC xox!

Thank you for your kind reply mon ami.

Lovely to 'see' you.

So glad to hear it.......sweet!

Appreciate your kind's wishing you the same.

Indeed all xox!

I hope all is well out there mon ami!
Am glad to hear from you despite your busy sched
Take care and cheers!
let's have cuppa!
but something cold this time :)
too hot here how about you there?

Thank you for your kind reply dear @englishtchrivy.

Oh yes......something cool would be lovely indeed.

Regarding the clime....yes....quite warm.

Appreciate your kind wishes......wishing you the same mon ami.

Take care. A bientot.

the image number 8 corresponds to the beet plant outbreak.

Congratulations dear friend @ englishtchrivy for the beautiful and loaded of varieties that this your greenhouse, the buds are genianles, when judging by the images you will enjoy exquisite vegetables and
I wish you a great day

so far you're the only one who's got it right :)
yes, and fruits as well, I just harvested a plenty of my strawberries, raspberries both gold and red :)

I love gardening and the best part for me is when it all starts coming out of the ground and spouting like this when you see these seeds come to life.
You have a lovely garden @englishtchrivy

The last picture I believe are the carrots.

ah, welcome to the club :)
yes, they're carrots :)

(Was too lazy to look if already answered...)

My guess #14 : Koriander, #15: Basilicum.

14 is carrot
and yes, basilicum it is !

Yihaaaa!!! Yes, I got one right! 😁👍

I love your green house, and of course, typical women's place, due to colorful lantern.

As to the sprouts I believe the last 14th is Dill. I love dill that is why I think it reminds me Dill.

By the way, once I just decided to see if I could grow my favorite muscat pumpkin, I collected the seeds and wrapped them in paper towel and put in pate filled with water. Couple of weeks later I saw first seedlings, we planted them and could not believe our eyes it grown quickly, it is normally quite a sizeable plant that had 4 pumpkins by autumn they were a good size but still not matured enough, because we planted them in May as it was just a test. I was very glad with the result and the soil in my garden :)

thank you

sorry someone already guessed it :)
the reply above yours ;)

My favorite hobby is gardening.....your garden looking very nice...

Them to the sun and steem to the moon 😎and peace on earth.

yeah that too :D

i am thinking of growing something on the windowsill
maybe stevia
what would you suggest amiga?
a little pot on my windowsill, something that's low-to-no maintenance
and something i could eat :D
p.s. is that a clover on No 11?

you can have most of these plants there
so just wait till someone got to identify them for you but surely, #s 3, 7, 8 9, 13, 15 and if you look closer to the pics, kale, spinach, radish and the sugar snaps .. I named those because they're not on the numbered pics and mostly herbs
no the clover I have didn't survive the harsh winter this year
I only have a bit so I have to get a new one
hard to find an organic one here though

In Your greenhouse on the floor, I saw pots of strawberries. Is that right? Am I right? I was struck by the size of these bushes. We have this plant is 2 times less than its growth. Amazing! It is gigantic compared to what we grow. I wonder what in this case the size of the berries themselves in their Mature state.

yes, they could get bigger and produce bigger fruits if they were on the patch but no more space plus the slug eat them first and so do birds so I've kept them there. They love water and plant food :) and yes they're years older :)

It grows really good, all these beautiful vegetables!
I really like the lanterns that you hung in your greenhouse,
We would think that your plants will begin to dance! haha

thank you
no guess?

Number 8 beets!

@jlufer has already guessed it :)
but thank you for trying

Nr. 15 Spinache? (just a wild guess)

i can't blame you for thinking it is
but it's not :) thanks for trying
I got a new batch of spinach but didn't take a pic of them
the old ones are already in the veggie garden plenty of snail bites

Must be those so-called Popeye snails.

hmmm... they chomp on everything including cucumbers, broccoli almost everything even the berries!
irritant de slak!

Yep. And if they would do their job quick and get it over with, ok. But they do it terribly sloooooooooooooooooow.

What is a sugar snap?

Nice photo and good information. Thank to share. Good luck

nice gardening plan. beautiful photography. thanks for @englishtchrivy

Hedde gij ook een groente/kruid/fruit die je niet kweekt? :) En gave kas joh. Als kind heb ik hele zomers in kassen gewerkt. Was best leuk werk 10 x beter dan in een fabriek ofzo.

The last one looks a bit like Peterselie ?

ja zeker .. veel
dank je wel
het is helaas geen peterselie nee
maar dank je for trying

me encanto tu post te felicito

I have a friend who works with this
but in reality it does not have it as beautiful as this
this greenhouse is really cool that I liked a lot
the plants look beautiful in good size and color
I congratulate you for all this wonderful work, I know it is not easy to take it to all this
impeccable work bravo friend

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excelente trabajo bro, gracias por tu informacion

I love your blog and I follow you.

I'm a little late to the dance here, but #14 could be parsley.

Good luck with all of your planting. Looks like you'll have abundance.

you're not :)
but 14 has been guessed it's carrots
thanks for trying though
I hope so, if things all work out just fine - definitely :)

You definitely have a green thumb.....and the plants like you!

:) am sure they're brown
but I know what you mean
thank you

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Hai @englishtchrivy
I love gardening and the best part for me is when everything starts to get out of the ground. I also planted tin in my yard. you can see in my latest post.

Watching it growing slowly and slowly is a sheer joy this is awesomeness

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