The Most Expensive Citrus Plant In The World Keeps Having A Miscarriage!

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Since when did any citrus plant acquire a uterus you ask? I agree that they don't have any - however, would you have clicked on this post had the title not been so?

On my last post about the most expensive citrus in the world, I asked you about how I can prevent her flowers from drying up ( that didn't come out right but whatever ~). As one of you suggested, I moved it to a shadowy part of the house and finally, the flowers get to open and stopped drying up.


It bore more flowers which opened at the same time so since I only have one plant, I was their bee.

Here's how I pollinated each flower. I brushed flower A's pollen tubes to get the pollen and brushed them on flower B's stigma. I would normally use a cotton bud to do this but since these bloom's reproductive part is the size of a cotton bud, I used a soft brush instead.


Days later, the baby fruits came out. I thought it was a successful pollination process till each fruit started turning brown and just dropped off their crowns. So you see, it had this much miscarriage!


The plant never stopped blooming till this month though. Instead of losing hope, I kept on pollinating the flowers despite the continuous miscarriage. I also moved it to the brighter window sill but on the part where it won't get hit by direct sunlight.


Somehow, the baby fruits got bigger than before and their petals seem to stick with them a lot longer - till they brown and get considerably wilted and fall off their crowns on their own.


I still found one fruit on the surface of the sand though so am worried these fruits that seem to be getting bigger may start repeating history again so I've decided to ask you again. What do you think am I doing wrong? Is there something I should be giving the most expensive citrus plant in the world to make sure its fruits successfully ripen? Please tell me as a reply.

Am sure it's not the watering that's the problem. I bought it a water regulator so am sure it only gets to drink when thirsty. It's quite a drunkard anyway. Fingers crossed the remaining baby fruits get to grow the way it should.


This content's 100% mine . I took some of the pics with my smartphone and the others with my D Eye .. Right click on the pic to open it on a new tab.

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Very tasty orange I really like for the juice
Hopefully your citrus crops can bear fruit well

I like your post & good post. Congratulation

I agree with you. This is the Most Expensive Citrus Plant In The World. Beautiful garden and excellent photography. thank you so much for sharing with us.....@englishtchrivy

these are orange and lemon tree
i also have these trees at home they have good smell while flowered

calamunding actually
yes, they work as an airfreshener in my living room :D

Lets not forget the acoustic guitar in the first pic, just artfully hanging about :0)

hahahaha Ola chico!
I have to prove that it's not on a direct light :D
and that's where it's dimmest and away from the direct light :P

Hehe, a good excuse! And hola chica!!!

great post dear

There can be several reasons.

  1. The plant is in constant stress, it can not be constantly moved.
  2. There may be a jet of air that blows through the holes located opposite one another that you do not feel.
  3. Too much moisture after all.
  4. Lack of nutrients.

thanks for this post..this is a good post.

I think just give it time :) As it matures it's fruits will do better!

it's a matured plant actually
and if you read the first post about it, it has already fruited well

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yeah that happens a lot earlier it was there in my garden too kind of sad feeling when that happen but it all natural :)

This is a good explanation and you do it very well @englishtchrivy.

I want to suggest that you should considering do checking and balances on it. By considering moisture of the soil before watering it. Keep the soil moist but not saturated. Because soil moisture retention is different, Its might not need too much water.

Also, try to pull weeds off near your plants and lastly consider check for pests that might likely affect the reproductive or treat with light insecticides if necessary, you can properly look for dead patches on leaves or any colour changes. I hope this time around the result will be positive..

how could there be weed in my house?
sometimes I wonder if you're really reading
insecticides?? I have always mentioned I only observe organic gardening in my post

still haven't seen it anywhere here
i've seen kumquat, but not this calamondin

kumquats could grow here imho, am growing two inside, too
very small though

Your poor plant! Can it be the soil quality? It may be hungry for nutrients. Perhaps crush some egg shell and add to soil or get some plant food.

Like the fruit of lime as a child fruit. But is this really a lemon?

Oh my, so stressful! What is the type of citrus plant? I would love to research it for you. I know how it feels when you are working to hard to save a special plant. Perhaps this little one will work. Do you have really good sunlight? I know they need a lot of sunlight! Best wishes on this citrus journey

thank you
I actually mentioned it on the first post which link I put up there
it's alright, there's a biologist here and she and another gardening expert have often provided great solutions to my query
I appreciate you offering help though
at least you're not being presumptuous like some are
thank you

Wishing you success my friend! Can't wait to see those little citrus goodies!

it's like in my garden.
whether this plant in the garden or in your yard.

Actually my grandfather always had one and planted it outside during the season and brought it in and put it in the basement for the winter. There's something about being in the ground that plants love. I hope you figure out what's wrong with your baby.


thank you for always tipping !
you probably are right this one should really be in the ground
am just worried about bringing it outside
the aphids have found their way in to it too
I rid of a few this morning
they always find their way in every summer (sighs)
so am also worried about letting it out perhaps I should try repotting it instead

It has to be in the soil! Otherwise, unless it is out on the patio, where would it get them? Definitely repotting!

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wow... it's awesome, i really enjoy from your post.
have good time my friend.

This is the forbidden fruit.

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