Egg Shells are Beneficial in the Garden - Gardening tips

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Don't toss those egg shells in the trash!
There are multiple benefits to adding the shells to your garden.


Egg shells are a great source of calcium, however, you certainly are not going to eat them. Adding the shells to your compost or directly to the garden soil will add calcium.

Slug and Snail Repellent!

Seeing your seedling break thru the dirt is always a good day.
Discovering a slime trail and your plants missing is not!
Using snail bait in the veggie garden is out of the question!
Did you know that egg shells can prevent slugs and snails from even getting close to your plants?
Just grind up the egg shells into tiny pieces and sprinkle around your plants in the garden and potted plants. Slugs and snails will not venture out across the shells, which are razor sharp to them.

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I usually just grind the shells under my shoe and then sweep them into the garden

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My second attempt at cucumbers, so far nothing has been eaten!

Now get outside and play in the dirt!


Definitely are a great amendment to the soil! I use them for sure!

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so are coffee grounds! Gives your buds a boost!