Wildcrafted Medicine: The Incredible Healing Properties of ROSEMARY

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Because every aspect of life is better when you are healthy and thriving, we share primo medicines wildcrafted by nature! 

We share our vast knowledge on the incredible healing powers of plants and herbs to assist you in achieving easy, sustainable optimal wellness, in a cheap or even FREE way! 

Today, we bring you a favorite from our herb garden: ROSEMARY!

We seek to reconnect you to your roots to remind you of options for health and wellness!

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Amazing how healthy, simple and sustainable a natural life can be!
One of the greatest evolutions of modern humanity will be learning to get in harmony with nature!

Truth! Looking forward to the upgrade when more people start remembering to bring it back to the Earth.

Appreciate the encouragement!

It is valuable to know what plants can do to activate health!

There has been rosemary in my window since I was a kid! Great post!

Rosemary is wonderful! Always great to have around.

I have always been interested in the healing powers of plants. It is too bad we don't have agencies that can perform clinical trials to scientifically prove a lot of these known treatments and cures... no money in it for them!

It's too bad that many modern people defer to external "authorities" and institutions when treatments and cures are known. We remind people that these are proven and respected! No one has ever died or been injured from over consumption of rosemary, and it's effect against many ailments. Compare that to pharmaceuticals!

Yep! Maybe if a well funded non governmental organization stepped up and started doing some trials and proving that these things work they would be more widely used. It would take someone who truly believes in the cause and is well funded... We need the Green version of Bruce Wayne! ;)

I'm glad I put rosemary in my water every day