The New Herb Garden all Planted

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New Herb garden - all planted crop June 2018.jpg
Row 7 is the bottom of the photo…

On Sunday I finished planting the New Herb garden. There’s 3 rows that need mulching, when we finally are able to get it.

Here’s the highlights of the garden:

Row 1:

New Herb garden - Row 1 - mullein crop June 2018.jpg
Mullein, a volunteer, and friend

New Herb garden - Row 1 - Roman wormwood crop June 2018.jpg
Roman wormwood, never looked back after transplanting

Row 2:

New Herb garden - Row 2 - blue flax crop May 2018.jpg
Blue flax, the color was stunning this morning

Row 3:

New Herb garden - Row 3 - heart's ease crop June 2018.jpg
Heart’s ease, a charmer

Row 4:

New Herb garden - Row 4 - arnica crop June 2018.jpg
Arnica chamissonis

New Herb garden - Row 4 - salad burnet1 crop June 2018.jpg
Salad burnet

New Herb garden - Row 4 - salad burnet2 crop June 2018.jpg
Salad burnet, such cute foliage, I took a close-up

New Herb garden - Row 4 - chamomile crop June 2018.jpg
German chamomile

New Herb garden - Row 4 - peppermint crop June 2018.jpg
Peppermint, staying within bounds so far….

New Herb garden - Row 4 - Canterbury Bells crop June 2018.jpg
Canterbury Bells

New Herb garden - Row 4 - stocks crop June 2018.jpg
10 week Stocks

Row 5:

New Herb garden - Row 5 - rosemary crop June 2018.jpg

New Herb garden - Row 5 - sage crop June 2018.jpg

Row 6:

New Herb garden - Row 6 - echinacea crop June 2018.jpg
Echinacea purpurea

New Herb garden - Row 6 - yarrow crop June 2018.jpg
Common yarrow

New Herb garden - Row 6 - thyme crop June 2018.jpg
The skunk attacked thyme is 4X as big now

Row 7:

New Herb garden - Row 7 - chives1 crop June 2018.jpg
Chives flowering

New Herb garden - Row 7 -oregano crop June 2018.jpg

There are about 50 varieties of herbs and flowers in the garden this year. Most have been planted recently and are still pretty small.


You're so organized and your garden looks fantastic! I love your labels, they are so easy to read. Did you laminate them? I want to be a plant in your garden. I can see there is a lot of love and care that goes on there. Great job! Resteem!

Yes, I use a laminater I found at a tag sale many years ago. With the labels I'm stacking in the garden: first, to help my memory and second as a teaching tool for anyone interested in herbs There was a 3rd item, but I forgot it before I could write it down...

What a great find! I need to be more diligent in marking my plants.

I try to keep as many plants marked as I can, so I don't dig them up by accident. The memory you know...

Beautiful herb garden, I just love everything about it! So much abundance there as well. :)

The abundance was the whole reason for the garden. I didn't have enough herbsforbs/flowers in the other gardens to supply the layers over winter. So I created this one to fill the need.

How did you choose your varieties? Was it more of the type you like or what was more hearty to your area?

Here's the back story:

In 1992 my sister planted an herb garden with 125 different herbs around my house then promptly moved to NM and never came back. In the first years, many died out. There are about 50 that have survived.

When I started the New Herb garden in 2016, it was to grow lots of the things I use for the layers in winter. But this year I decided to try to grow some of the ones that had died from my sister's garden. So it's a combination of layer needs and regrowing ones I'd not had for years to see if they'd do better in another location.

I know lavender won't survive here, but I planted a little anyways.