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RE: How to Grow Sweet Potato Crops Sustainably! Comprehensive Tutorial. One of My favorite and Most abundant Crops!

In your area, Texas, with all that summer heat, sweet potatoes are a great choice! I bet they have fewer pests than winter squash in your region, too. In my area, here in Oregon's Willamette Valley, the winter squash fill the same purpose as sweet potatoes, but I can grow them in our cooler conditions and I don't have a pest problem. I'm a big fan of crops that don't take any special processing to keep! Looking forward to your harvest -- and I hope you have some big lunkers in your sweet potato patch!


Hahahaha YEA!
We will have some big lunkers for sure!
Yes as I said its not about a "best crop" its all about what crop is BEST for YOU in your SPECIFIC environment!
Whatever that is go with it! There are PLENTY of options!

That's what makes gardening and foraging so much fun and so interesting. Food is so abundant. I really feel for folks that don't have that same sense of abundance and security. And so many approaches work - in their right context.