Desert Tortoise, Cherry Blossoms and Fig Tree Cuttings

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My cherry tree flowers are in bloom. This is the most flowers it has had in a while. There was an elm tree in the backyard behind ours and we believe that from the roots of the elm and being shaded it may have made the cherry tree a little weak or perform less than usual. Now that it has been removed we will hopefully see the cherry tree recover and thrive.


Never seen so many clusters of flowers on this tree before.


Pictured above we see Oliver the desert tortoise has finally come out of hibernation and is soaking up the sun by sunbathing. He will be 14 years old this year. Last year based on his shell confirmed he is in fact male.

Pictured below is a bit of and update on the fig tree cutting that I propagated last year. The third one was given to one of my cousins who really has been wanting a fig tree.




Well that is about it for now, more to come in the future. Stay tuned!!!

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