Bought A Cheap Shredder, Was No Good


I bought a hedge trimmer last week and completed trimming the hedges on the three sides of the yard where it was necessary. There were way too many branches and twigs to be manually cut to be disposed of, which meant that I had to buy a shredder.

I bought this one:


A cheap model, only €99.

It was fairly simple to assemble. Only the wheels had to be attached.


Turns out the axis is too short!


These go between the wheels and the frame.

The thicker parts are too long, or the little bolts with which you're supposed to attach the wheels to the axis are too short! Gotta take the thing back tomorrow. It seemed to work when I switched the power on, though. I'm probably going to get a somewhat more expensive model and hope for the best. I considered buying a used one from someone from the internet because the prices were reasonably low and I wouldn't be bothered by doing a little driving to get one. It would give me a fine excuse to visit a place I've never been to before to do photography there. For example, a couple of people were selling their machines in Mikkeli about 130 km from here. I've never been there. I'd like to go and shoot some photos in the town center. There are some famous buildings like one ordinary (former) school in which the supreme commander of the Finnish armed forces, Marshall Mannerheim, had his headquarters during WW II.

But what if I get junk? No warranty, no consumer protection. I'm probably going to take this one back and get a new shredder that's somewhat more expensive. I've got to get the branches shredded and disposed of before the law starts growing. The nagging to get it done has already began. :)


Wait to see your new one!!

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