How to Grow Sweet Potato Crops Sustainably! Comprehensive Tutorial. One of My favorite and Most abundant Crops!

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It is almost fall, which means its almost sweet potato harvest time!

Sweet potatoes are one of my favorite crops for many reasons:

#1 SUSTAINABILITY: Because sustainability is essential to me, I love this crop because it is a very easy to grow and abundantly producing crop for my grow area, which makes it a very sustainable food choice. 

#2 STORAGE: It is a food of which is very important in a homesteading lifestyle because you can keep them all winter long to eat off, without having to dehydrate, can, freeze or preserve. 

#3 HEALTH: For a cooked food, they are a very healthy food. 

#4 TASTE: This is a subjective one, but I and many others, find sweet potatoes to be VERY delicious and as a chef, I can attest to their wide application to culinary cuisine. You can make breakfast, lunches, or dinners and even desserts with sweet potatoes. 

With that being said, I am sure to grow an abundantly healthy sweet potato patch each year and have had success for many years straight. 

In this video, I go into great depth and explanation as well as step-by-step video demonstration of how to grow sweet potatoes from sweet potatoes, and of course since this is done in The Garden of Eden the process is done by the utmost sustainable standards! I will make a video and post about harvesting as well, right around our first freeze day.

So I won't go into the details any more with writing as the video is quite comprehensive and covers a lot!

I find this video very educational and also enjoyable as there are many glimpses into the magical life that we live, not just quality sustainable information!

May this enrich your life~



Potatoes have one of, in not the, highest satiety indexes of all foods.

Eating 100 calories of potato has the equivalent "fullness factor" as that of eating over 350 calories of white bread!

Intresting and informative. I didn't have any idea how to plant a sweet potato until now.

It's funny, I've always hated sweet potatoes..that is in till I met the Chefs of the GOE! And we can eat the greens! Let's plant a bigger crop and get y'all into a sweet potatoe contest :)

Great Idea!
Thanks for the comment and contribution to this post!

Do you mean the you can eatleaves of the sweet potato ?

Gotta give them space to grow and soft soil! Thanks for sharing and great video. Like your hat in the video too! Looks like you have a lot of space to grow lots of superfoods! :)

btw, I use to live in Plano Texas! :) Everything​ is bigger in Texas, including the plants!

Hahahahaha yes Texas is for the BIG boys hahaha

Yes The Garden of Eden is awesome and there are lots of super foods!
Glad you enjoyed the post!

👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 yes! Thanks for the share.

This is really well done. Thanks for sharing this great and useful information. It won't be long and the sweet feast will begin. By the way, thanks for not wearing a shirt. wink

I appreciate your participating here and also your contributions every day in the GOE!

I'm getting excited!!! I see that some of them are beginning to mound up out of the soil which means soon....very soon!!! I love that they last into the winter. What a great video. Super comprehensive. With all those kisses and lovin' they're going to be sweet!!!

Sweet potatoes are one of my favorite foods! It's fantastic to see them growing and thriving, and it's super satisfying to dig dinner right out of the ground. This is a great video!

I know, Its so fun to just dig em up like treasure!

Sweet! They're really a beautiful plant too.

Thanks for the demo.

YES ~ Sweet potato vines grow wild, from our vegetable scraps that have been dug into the garden ~ And we harvest them, along with other greens and 'weeds' like dandelion and chickweed for our green smoothies. There can be so much nutritional goodness in one's garden.

Yes I will be writing an article on "wildcrafting" here very soon!

I love Sweet Potatoes. Such a versatile and abundant crop. Only issue is the Native Australian Brush Turkey also loves them.

We don't have any of those around so not problem here. As I say one of the keys to sustainability is growing what works for the local situation!

I never had the desire to eat sweet potatoes untill you guys made them. Oh my gosh! They are good!!

Hey Gurl! Good to see you here! Welcome!

Hahahahaha so glad to hear this!
Also great to see you participating here on Steemit!
Also hey you have a 33 rep! Great number hopefully higher soon!

Awesome video. You got me craving sweet potatoes now. Yum! Upvoted. Did you know that the person who plants the food that is served at the table, absorbs more nutrients than the guests sharing the meal? Followed by anyone who had anything to do with helping the plants grow. Someone who watered the plants, for instance.

Now just imagine growing that food from my own piss and shit!
HAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHA thats some Full ON synergistic alchemy of thrival!

I haven't heard that before @luzcypher ~ But it sure makes sense to me. Probably not only the detectable nutrients are absorbed better, but the energy of love and caring that the plants have responded to as well.

There were studies done about it that I have been trying to track down. I remember reading them before, but for some reason can't seem to find it anymore. The study was written about in the book, The Secret Life Of Plants, by Peter Tompkins and Christopher Bird.

The book documents controversial experiments that reveal unusual phenomena regarding plants such as plant sentience, discovered through experimentation

I can attest to the experiential truth of this. I am FAR healthier than anyone I know.

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crispy sweet potato french fries are delicious

Ohhhhhhh YES!
We make those all the time!

In your area, Texas, with all that summer heat, sweet potatoes are a great choice! I bet they have fewer pests than winter squash in your region, too. In my area, here in Oregon's Willamette Valley, the winter squash fill the same purpose as sweet potatoes, but I can grow them in our cooler conditions and I don't have a pest problem. I'm a big fan of crops that don't take any special processing to keep! Looking forward to your harvest -- and I hope you have some big lunkers in your sweet potato patch!

Hahahaha YEA!
We will have some big lunkers for sure!
Yes as I said its not about a "best crop" its all about what crop is BEST for YOU in your SPECIFIC environment!
Whatever that is go with it! There are PLENTY of options!

That's what makes gardening and foraging so much fun and so interesting. Food is so abundant. I really feel for folks that don't have that same sense of abundance and security. And so many approaches work - in their right context.

Love sweet potatoes. Might try this someday. Great post! Thanks for sharing!

VERY worthwhile!
Now you can see how easy and sustainable it can be!

I Love Sweet Potatoes

Me too!
Great to see we share in the LOVE!

Thank you for sharing this, I agree, sweet potatoes are so filling, diverse, and handy!

Kudos on this educational tutorial !

Sweet potatoes & yams are 2 of my favorite foods - and not just at Thanksgiving, either. I know that sweet potato is rich in nutrients, yet I have never tried growing one - so that'll be interesting to do.

Thanks for your 11 minute video. I especially liked the part about how sweet potatoes don't have seeds - that was of interest (never realized that).

It was fascinating to find out that one can get a bounty of sweet potatoes from 1 sweet potato slip.

Who knew!

I Look toward future videos from you..

I am happy that I was able to provide a post that had real life enhancing value for you!
This is why I post and I hope that will continue to earn your follow and support!

Thanks for the video @quinneaker. I m a fan of sweet potatoes but for some reason I thought the process was the same like growing regular potatoes. Now it's clear how I should do it but I 'll have to wait until October so local producers are selling some to buy from.
My greetings and best wishes for your total effort from Hellas.

Yes its quite similar but not the same. Sweet potatoes are healthier and more delicious too!

Totally agree !