The Red Dahlia

in #gardening3 years ago

The Red Dahlia reminds me of The Blue Dahlia Movie. The 1946 American black and white detective film with Alan Ladd and Veronica Lake. A naval discharged officer returned home from the war, to find out his wife had an affair, then murdered, and he had to fight to prove he was innocent

This flower is one of many Dahlias are blooming in my garden. Hope you enjoy the beautiful flower.

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Super lovely flower you have growing @swan-nguyen.

Thank you, @creativetruth, very much for viewing my page. Garden is one of my passions, I used to do veggie garden, but now I mostly have flowers.

Yours is much prettier than the one in the movie because that blue Dahlia was black and white!

Thank you, @willymac, for commenting onmy post. Thank goodness, there was no such black Dahlia!

A garden filled with black flowers would be very depressing!