🌺 SteemIt Community Garden Journal Challenge 6 - October 2018 (Join Or Resteem And Win)

What's going on in your garden at the moment? Are you preparing for winter, or are you looking forward to summer? Share your October Garden Journal with us.

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Gardening Around The World

Those of you who are living in the Northern Hemisphere, just like me, are probably preparing the garden for winter. This means you are most likely very busy harvesting the last crops before frost arrives, removing crop leftovers, mulching the gardening beds, cleaning all tools and doing all the other things I personally don't like about the life of a gardener.

However, many SteemIt gardeners live in the Southern Hemisphere, and for them, the fun has only just begun. Sowing, planting, nurturing... for you guys, these are exciting times.

And then there are the all-year-round gardeners, of course... Boy, am I jealous of you :0)

Anyway, this is the 6th edition of the SteemIt Community Garden Journal Challenge and you are invited to share your October garden updates with your fellow Steemians.

If you want to check out our previous editions, you can do so by clicking the links below:

You can use the links below to check out the previous editions:

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Last Edition's Contributors

In September, 8 fellow Steemians allowed us to take a peek into their garden.

@phoenixwren, @porters, @joelai, @foxyspirit, @crazymum, @rpattwell, @wizardave and @abitcoinskeptic.

I'm not sure if all of you still have something going on in your garden, but feel free to post your monthly update.

Of course, everyone else is invited too.

If you haven’t joined before, feel free to start now. If you post a garden update every month, you'll be creating an amazing garden journal that will bring a smile on your face and give you a feeling of accomplishment every time you look at it.

By the time the season ends, you'll have an entire collection of pictures of your crops in the different stages of their lives. You can look back on how the seeds sprouted and became cute, little seedlings that later grew up to be mature plants.

It doesn't matter if you have a farm, a backyard garden, an indoor garden, a balcony or any other kind of garden. There's a story to tell about all gardens, big ánd small.


The Challenge

The rules of the challenge are still the same:

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Please remember to also include a link to this post in your update.

As always:

You can include whatever you want in your post, but please remember that the pictures should be the most important aspect of your post.


Show us how your plants, herbs, flowers, succulents or vegetables are doing. Share what you’ve been doing in your garden, on your farm or on your balcony. Don't forget to let us know if you are dealing with things like fungus, caterpillars, aphids, and - even more important - hów you’re dealing with those.

Basically, show us what is going on in your garden


🏆 The Rewards

All entry posts will receive a 100% upvote from me ($0.18-$0.20).

For the entry comments, I decided to work with @steem-bounty again, just like I did in the first edition. The @steem-bounty service has grown up and is now safe to use for a contest like this. Only people who post a valid entry comment will share in the bounty reward.



🏆 The Winners

As always, I will send out two types of rewards once this contest has ended at post-payout:

The top 2 posts will receive 3 SBD each.

2 randomly chosen resteemers will be rewarded with a @steembasicincome share.

A membership of @steembasicincome will basically give you 1 share in the initiative, which will give you a small upvote on all your posts. The more shares you get, the more this upvote will be worth. You can read more about the @Steembasicincome initiative here.


Show Us Those Pictures

Maybe you're all prepared for this month's edition and you've already taken pictures of your garden to create your update with. But if not, grab that camera and make some nice shots to show us.
And even if you can't make nice shots, still make shots to show use how fall has taken its toll on your garden.

I'm probably not the only one who is curious to see what is going on in and around your garden.


I'll can't wait to see your updates!

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Here we go. https://steemit.com/garden/@sustainablelivin/octoberinmygarden-1-rvg7ua68zv

I was going to include more pictures but this is it for now. Maybe I have time for another one later... this one is from my podcast account. You inspired me to do an ongoing series on my wordpress blog :)

Awesome post, @mariannewest. Thanks for joining

Thanks for your entry, @frejafri. I'm glad you made the post. Such an amazing garden, it would have been a shame not to show it :0)

Your garden is spectacular, congratulations, dedication delivers its fruits. A hug.

Upvoted and resteemed: now, I only need to take some shots in my garden and publish a post... stay tuned! 😜

💚 A green hug from @amico! 🤗

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I hope it's not too late for a last minute entry, because i really like this idea.
Here is my garden journal for october:

You were just too late to get your share of the bounty, but since I won't be able to get up the winner announcement today, you can still join the main contest.
Thanks for participating :0)

in our garden we grow a lot of wonderful fruit trees! :)

please see some photos in my blog post:

although we also live in Northern Hemisphere - we are lucky to have all-year-around favorable climate to grow variety of plants: fruits, vegetables, flowers...

thank you for sharing many information Links!

P.S. I was still able to Edit my post and add the #gardenjournal2018 tag there, so, may be it was not to late to enter the Contest! :)

Thanks for joining the contest, @freedomwing, and welcome to SteemIt.
I'm so jealous because you can grow things all year long. And because I'm a fan of all those tropical fruits.
Can't wait to see more of your garden.

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https://steemit.com/gardenjournal2018/@phoenixwren/balcony-garden-october-2018 ...title: balcony garden October 2018. Thanks for this contest! :)

I love this challenge, I'm already starting to create my publication, @simplymike.

Here my publication: https://steemit.com/gardenjournal2018/@aurodivys/my-garden-challenge

Thanks for joining, @aurodivys. Nice entry, I really like your pictures.

Thanks, @simplymike. Pleased to participate

Hola @simplymike! No es un jardin de flores, pero si para comer, es primera vez que siembro, tomates, ajies y lechozas, me gusto mucho esta experiencia, es de gran ayuda, para las comidas

Thanksfor joining, @celinavisaez. I'll have to wait till tomorrow to read your post, because I don't seem to have a translating option on my phone. The pictures look promising, though :0)

A beautiful garden with a good production. That you enjoy all its fruits, @celinavisaez. Congratulations.

Gracias @aurodivys, por comentar, un abrazo.

Thanks for running another great contest @simplymike and thanks for the last one. Hopefully I can visit my garden forba quick peak before the week is up. I still have a few things going on there, then it is indoors only.

Same here... the garden is already looking so empty. Fortunately, the weather has been really nice up until now, so there are still a couple of things to enjoy.
I still need to start thinking how I will set up my indoor arrangements. I guess I'll be taking a break for a month or two before I start sowing again. Two months time to do some seed shopping, looking for new experiments to try out. Yey!

Posted using Partiko Android

I want to try and start my plants indoors in late winter or early spring. Definitely time to save seeds and shop or trade.

Here's the update, sadly also not a lot going on in my garden. I also talk about my winter plan. Nice to hear yours, too.


Gardening for Food Security - Indoor Gardening Project Part 3 - The Experiment Worked! https://steemit.com/ecotrain/@porters/gardening-for-food-security-indoor-gardening-project-part-3-the-experiment-worked

Here's my post; I thought I'd already done this, but perhaps I dreamt it?? :)

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Aahh my little garden has been abandoning since I run the shop for my FIL, gotta find sometimes to check on it again. The rainy seasons is coming here.. and I'll remember to make a journal next time.. I wish I could done that through the years

It's always nice to have something to look back at. That's the main reason i started this challenge.
I guess it's pretty difficult to run a shop and to take care of a garden at the same time. I don't think I would be able to do it...

I've always wanted to join in this garden journal, but since I don't have my own garden I haven't done it.. But I have been doing so much gardening work lately (in the garden of my partners parents), so maybe I'll share some anyway this time...! :D

Feel free to do so. There is no rule that says it has to be your own garden... :0)

Posted using Partiko Android

Oh dear! Am I too late? 😱

If you can get it done today, you are still in. Will be writing the winner's post tonight (app. 8pm GMT+1) - at least, I can make it by then. All mosts that are entered before that, will still be eligible to win

Here is my post, October update of my garden - Gratitude #77. I hope I made it on time! 🤞🏻

You made it in time :0)

Good for me to know @simplymike! I haven't posted yet.....

I don't have a garden just yet, but planning to create one next year. Need to move to a place with an actual garden first :P

I wanted to say that you it was grue that you need a garden to garden in, but that's not true. If you have a balcony, you can grow quite a lot too :0)

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YAY!! That time again. And our summer garden is starting to look good despite the continuing drought. Hopefully it'll cheer up your winter blues @simplymike ;)

I can't wait, @buckaroo. My garden starts to look really empty and sad. Earlier today I was looking for a photo and came across a series that showed how the garden looked mid summer.What a difference... really sad

Posted using Partiko Android

Here it is @simplymike! Almost at the last minute. It's so colourful at this time of year. Hope you enjoy....

You made it!

I should keep a garden journal, this is a really great idea! I'm afraid at the moment, I should be preparing the garden for winter... but with the good weather, I've been procrastinating, plus there are huge fat spiders out there!

I Was told that I should be planting bulbs now... that will be this week's task. After all, it is school holidays, and I can enlist the extra child labour!

Hahaha. Is it a school holiday? I think here in Belgium it won't be for another two weeks. You'd think I would know, but that's what you get when you are a teacher that has been unemployed for two years, lol. I don't even remember the holidays :0)
It's indeed about time to plant the bulbs, unless you have bulbs that can't survive the frost. You aren't going to plant tulips, are you? I guess you probably are, lol. Everyone over there plants them.

Make sure you let those kids of yours work for their food and bed. I'm all for child labour. It's like the one reason I regret I don't have any kids ;0) Let them kill the spiders first, then send them here, I have quite a lot too, and I'm afraid to go near them.

We spent the day cleaning up the garden. I'd rather do it now, while it is still enjoyable outside, than wait until it is cold and raining. There is still a lot that has to be done, though. It is nowhere near ready for winter...

How did I not know you were a teacher?! What age group? subjects?

Lol! Establishing a pecking order?

Name? Rank? Service time? Number of students graduated? Number of students thrown out the window?

hahaha you are a real shite disturber, aren't you?!

LOVE it!

I never threw one out of the window, but it has been close a couple of times, lol

Ha ha! I would sympathise with you if it did happen!

Thanks. I would sympathise with myself too ;0)

According to my diploma, I can teach Dutch, English and ethics in the first 4 years of high school (12 to 16/17 year olds). But I've also been teaching a course that combines Dutch, geography, history, math and ethics. That was a hard nut to crack, since I suck at math, and know very little about history and geography. I had to spend hours teaching myself first, before I could discuss it with my students, lol.

I love teaching, but I'm too much of a perfectionist: i worked like 60 hours a week preparing my lessons, wfiting my own courses from scratch etc. And then there is all the extra paperwork you have to do. And I've always had jobs in schools where students are mainly learning a profession, so they don't care about the subjects that have nothing to do with the profession they're studying. Definitely not the most appreciative public to have in your classroom, lol.
It was often more than I could handle, and two years ago, I quit my last job because I wqs suffering from a burnout.
I have been a happy unemployed teacher ever since :0)

But I do love it, and there is no other job I can think of that I would want to do.
The biggest problem is that I think our educational system is set up all wrong. The wrong people are in charge, the wrong people with the wrong ideas are teaching those kids the wrong things. So I have difficulties fitting in, I simply can't ignore all the mistakes that are being made by the system, but there is nothing I can do about it. I have to play along and keep my ideas to myself, because if there's one thing educators suck at, it is learning. Ironic, isn't it? :0s

I totally could have written this! All of it ... Love the job, the students, but not the 60 hour work week, all night marking, learning myself before teaching it ...

I have been a happy unemployed teacher ever since :0)


Lol. Only teachers know what it's like to be a teacher. Everyone else underestimates it. They're always nagging about the '24 hour work week' and all the holidays we have. Lol, that's how it looks from the outside. But I don't have to tell you, of course.

One thing i never did was give a student a RATM -CD ;0)

So true!

Hahaha I had no idea how cool that was lol

After all that teaching, there should be a sudden unexplained and instinctive feeling of relief! I think as a parent it is the complete opposite!

Gosh, end of October already!!??

Great initiative here, if I was more active with gardening id have something to share :D

my garden is feeding itself preparing for the winter.

Leaves all over the place...

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I have this tab open since you posted it and I need to take the pictures today!!! It is my intention.

I was just thinking of this post today as I was outside watering and weeding all the pots on the patio. I looked back at photos from the end of August/beginning of September when we arrived here, and I cannot believe the difference in these plants :)

I'll be back with a post over the weekend ... fingers crossed!

They already looked so great back then. I don't suppose the difference you talk about is a negative one. After all, you are living in paradise.
Can't wait to see the update.

I haven't forgotten, but had a family 'issue' over the last couple days, so I'll get to it for sure before post payout 😊

I been wanting to start a little garden with some fresh veggies. Nothing beats home grown.

True. There's a huge difference in taste. I don't like store-bought tomatoes, for example, but all summer long I eat my homegrown ones like candy. There is so much more flavor in them.... Mmmm, I already miss my tomato plants...

Yeah .... store " Fresh " and Fresh are not the same thing.

I nominated the community #newbiegames for a chance to win 50 SBD

I saw. Thanks a lot for that.
(See my comment on your nomination)

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Yay.. I totally forgot last month but will post one tomorrow...

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I doubt it, lol. Although microgreens grow petty fast, hahaha.
You should be able to join next month's edkgion, though. You'd better get to work if you want to make it ;0)

Thanks to visit sweet friend on my blog

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