Excuses, excuses, excuses - "I'm Just Doing My Job" - Assault: Part 1

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I have only written one Steemit post this last month.  
It’s crazy that a  month has gone by already.  
It’s like I’ve been stuck in a time-warp!  

Much of my attention has been on writing affidavits, timelines,
letters to the attorney general,
and other pertinent things with regard to the
stabbing of @quinneaker on May 23rd, 2018.   

I also don’t feel very inspired to write about anything else just yet,
not even to jump in on the art projects I get to play with you all.

Since I’ve been writing and writing about all of these interactions with the Arlington Police, this is the most relevant subject on my mind.  This incident feels like a very significant situation in which to engage.  This is a darkness that keeps revealing itself over and over, and is begging for the light to be shined upon it.  It is a darkness so dark, that it wants to exterminate itself.  It has chosen a worthy opponent, a light so bright, it outshines the darkness.

We have created this darkness ourselves as a collective.  We as humans are complacent sissies that will do anything, including giving up our values, for a bit of comfort and convenience.  Most people don’t really want to look at the monster we have created, because once you really know, you cannot unknow.  And once you know, you have to be responsible for your participation in it.  It’s a hard thing to face -- the self.

How easy it is, (or is it?) to believe what you have always been told and doing what you’ve always done, as well as  those before you, just because it is the path of least resistance and because everyone else is doing it too.  Unconscionable things are happening on our watch, during our time on this planet.  We have to get over our fear of facing ourselves, who we have been, what we have done, and shift to embrace the opportunity to reinvent ourselves, creating the best world we can possibly create.  We just have to make it important and dedicate ourselves to making change.

Being present on the @gardenofeden land on May 23rd for over a span of nearly 15 hours, recording the shenanigans and incompetencies of the Arlington Police Department, confirmed that the slave mentality is alive and well. They just do their jobs, no thought, no consciousness, no awareness, no heart, no soul, no responsibility, no accountability, and definitely no true service. They can’t look us in the eyes, their empty gazes staring off into space.  Most don’t even know what they’re doing to others, and even if they know, they obviously don’t really care, because they keep on doing it.

This sargeant was not only here as the second in charge on May 23rd, he was also here as the sargeant on duty during the raid in August 2013.  Coincidence?

It’s a very scary thing to see so many people wearing badges and carrying guns acting like robots, repeating over and over, “we’re just doing our jobs!”  That is the programmed response--so powerless, so pathetic.  ~I can harm whoever I want, do whatever I want, and only my job is the problem, not me.~  What a weird way to interact with life.  

So sad, really!!!!

I am grateful that I have done some of my own deep introspection and that I can see these things.  And I am most grateful that I am living at the @gardenofeden where @quinneaker holds space for this awarenesses to be lived on a daily basis.  I would rather be aware, be taking action, and meeting with resistance along the way, than bury my head in the sand and pretend that all is well or accepting of ‘that’s just the way it is’.

I imagine that this whole situation is really just an opportunity to let this corruption be seen on another level, and for coming together to truly enact the life of our dreams.

These are potent times.
May we be inspired to do something truly miraculous with our time on this planet.

Stand up for change.
Let’s do it together.


Do you think there was some kind of conspiracy or something?

We have a federal law suit against them for their dishonor in attacking us with a SWAT team in August 2013. I have no doubt they would like that to just disappear, and have attempted on multiple occasions to keep Quinn from sharing the possibilities for a whole new existence. There are definitely evil forces at play. We will be sharing what we know--you guys can decide for yourselves!!!

We have created this darkness ourselves as a collective.

It is interesting that when we form a collective, the light get's snuffed out. @ironshield

And it can also be that when we form as a collective, the light outshines the darkness. May that soon be the case! Thanks for the comment @ironshield.

OMG, @quinneaker got stabbed??? This is the first time I hear of this. I hope he's OK? I'm not even going to ask what happened because I understand you have enough on your mind as it is. But I agree, police and most others in 'public services' are just robots, or zombies... 'Just doing their jobs...' is the biggest joke on earth. They're the most conditioned bunch of them all. I was just thinking a similar thing the other day when I was looking at photos of Israeli cops handling Palestinian children. Completely zoned out, blank stare is what they all had. Some almost looked sad. They are also 'just doing their jobs' manhandling children...We're living in an insane world but I still keep hoping people can see this for what it is and change their own consciousness. Please let Quinn know that I am thinking of him. Sending loving energy his/your way. ❤️️❤️️❤️️

I appreciate your sincere comment @misslasvegas. There is much to be looked at in this system we have built and our complacency in allowing it to continue. I feel this is the opportunity to shine the light and let even more of it be seen. They are, in fact, showing it themselves--all we need to do is pay attention.

I am hoping like you are that we are in for great change. But it is up to us to make it happen Personal responsibility is key....then we can stand together. Thank you for the well wishes!!! <3

If I had a nickel for every time an police officer told me, "We are just doing our jobs" instead of answering my questions, I wouldn't have to type on Steemit for money! You are doing great staying strong, it must get exhausting at some point. It did for me.

It is exhausting and ludicrous!!! Imagine how rich we would all be if we had a nickel for each of those excuses. Several of the officers told me they wish they could live off grid and get away from it all, and one of them told me he was rethinking his choice of careers. Change may come slowly, but let's pray it comes!

Such a truths in these beautiful words. Pure light will prevail, trust is important, much love.

We'll just keep on shining the light!! May it be amplified and shine brighter than ever! Thanks for the love @bubke.

It's so disappointing to know that we humans are the ones doing these to ourselves. Even animals understands loyalty and love and i wish i can say the same for humans. Like i said, you will get better with this. I made that Woman Crush Wednesday for you already, and i hope it makes you smile, at least, in the midst of all this. Let me know how you feel about it.

Stay strong, this will pass, and the change they are resisting now, they will see it get established even with their in-sensitiveness.

I love that from across the world we are on the same page. We always have hope! May we amplify it and make it so tangible that it can no longer be ignored. Thank you for being here @olawalium.

I'll have to go check out your blog--what is this @omanCrush Wednesday? Hmmmmm....??

Wowowowowow! That was really something! It's so beautiful to be appreciated and to share the loving connection we have created. We are so much alike, that is how I know you know me so well. Thank you thank you thank you for that expression of love. I am honored @olawalium!

Such a huge honour to have common traits with you and i am so excited you love it. Thank you so much for that, i really appreciate your time too.

It's really awesome how much we appreciate each other. Dang! Sooooo many blessings!

Lot of blessings my friend. So much.

Thank you @olawalium ----so much!

Yes, we will amplify it so it can't be ignored...and having you to look up to makes it easier.

Woman Crush Wednesday? Hahahaha you will have an idea about it when you read it. I hope you will like it.

I'm going to keep writing about this as there is really much to be seen. Thanks for sharing it around and infusing such high-vibe energy @olawalium.

I haven't before heard of this Woman Crush Wednesday. You really gave me honor, and I am appreciative of your appreciation. I thank you!

We are the same after all hahahaha. I always appreciate little things and you just proved this too. You totally deserve it, always remember that. :)

Yes, we won't give up, we won't let go. I am always here anytime you need me.

Grateful for you @olawalium!!

And this is your portrait i already finish it hope you accept it and like it with my all love. Feel free to resteem it ❤ https://steemit.com/@soufianechakrouf/portrait-for-everlove

Awe....I love that you were inspired to draw my portrait! It takes some good creative skills to pull character out of the paper. Thank you for sharing what came through your pencil--you have now drawn quite a pair -- '@everlove AND @quinneaker! Appreciating your dedicated focus @soufianechakrouf.

much love for you my lady you deserve the best you and @quinneaker.

Receiving the love! One can never have too much of that! Thanks @soufianechakrouf.

I want to say to them "No, you are NOT doing your job. Your job is to uphold the law and this is illegal." Not that it would do any good... Blessings to you all.

Hahaha---that is what I told them @kiwideb. Lying and cheating is NOT your job. And of course, none of the things we said made any difference to them. They just carried on like robots "doing their job". So pathetic! Thank you for the blessings! Same back to you! <3

I enjoyed a lot of great work on your post

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