Ethical Merchantry: We Offer This Rutilated Green Quartz Bracelet for $teem Exchange Towards Building a Better World for ALL!

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While we offer a huge range of honorable goods through our Epic Threads Boutique, today we want to show you a piece of Medicinal Jewelry!

Yesterday we showed you a Raindrop Damascus Knife, but that was still only a tiny taste of the epic sustainable goods we have available for trade or barter! Check out this totally different, super unique item:

This bracelet will become a staple in your wardrobe and powerful healing in this one-of-a-kind piece! Round beads of valuable rutilated green quartz with silver colored spacers.

Rutilated quartz:
This is a type of quartz with needlelike rutile within it. The rutile needles can be reddish, which is what rutile means in Latin, or they may be golden, silvery, or on very rare occasions, greenish.
⟢ helps energy move on all levels
⟢ supports mental focus
⟢ encourages love and stability in relationships
⟢ activates chakras 
⟢ aids in the healing of food disorders
⟢ boosts the immune system
⟢ regenerates tissue
⟢ treats fatigue, depression, and respiratory illness
⟢ promotes stability of all physical systems and general health, and absorption of nutrients from food
⟢ used to heal mental issues and dysfunctional programing
⟢ overcomes fear 
⟢ releases limiting life patterns
⟢ stabilizes emotional and mental states of mind 
⟢ activates self-reliance and independence
⟢ aids in meditation, spiritual journeys and dream states

Like all of our goods and services, this Rutilated Green Quartz Bracelet is available by donation towards building a better world for ALL! 

SBD transactions help build a real world $teem economy by strengthening our favorite cryptocurrency as a medium of exchange! You  can get actual, tangible goods with it, and we will pay it forward to do  even more actual, tangible GOOD in this world and care for our living  planet! 


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We offer valuable master crafted, unique, vintage, custom, and global pieces - all sustainably made or sourced - by donation to our humanitarian outreach!

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100% of all proceeds go to feeding, housing, educating and healing those in need. 

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So beautiful green bracelet .I love it.

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Yes this is a beautiful piece!

its a good looking with lots of medicinal benefit on human body, its also looks fashionable too.

Yes! We're glad to offer beautiful, functional jewelry

Beautiful... @gardenofeden. Its ok. I like this.

Its see beautiful. Good @gardenofeden, Its wonderfull. I like this photo. Very unique anf interesting.

The pearl bracelets are my favorite these days have made some beauties of bracelets and I love them all, they are beautiful, blessings

Like a pearl. I like that necklace

It's a beautiful bracelet

Wooow amazing to see your post amazing fashions
But more then this fashions love to see this appereciated

I am a lover of stones because they have many benefits and healing powers in addition to balancing our chakras. Thanks always your Post teach us so many positive things that benefit our health! Thanks @ gardenofeden.
I did not know that that particular quartz has many benefits. Namasté

We are big fans of stones and crystals too - they are not only beautiful, but very powerful!

Beautiful bracelet @gardenofeden, I really like the color, in addition to as always its wonderful benefits that this has. No doubt whoever buys or barters will be wearing a majestic and unique piece, which will protect you from many things when you use it. For women who love beautiful bangles this is a good option.

Yes this is such a soft beautiful shade of green. The "rutiles" or stripes inside the crystal are very unique!

Beautiful bracelet piece displayed..Really appreciate it's positivity.. that it brings to life..

Thanks for your support!

Incredible, as they always do an excellent job, keep it up!

Beautiful bracelet with it’s stylish look.... it is really so powerful .

Yes it has a lot of amazing properties

Where can we find prices of the things you sell?

They are listed on our website. We link to the product page in each Ethical Merchantry post:
STEEM prices depend on the current price of STEEM - you can check for that

Beautiful and you and your team do great work. I love the sustainable part of your mission. Do you guys have any interests here in Thailand or SE Asia?

Yes, we would like to have sustainable ecovillages across the world!

Hello. The basalete is nice, but the basics is so it can be used. The conste must be elevated due to the material with which it was made.
Personally, I do not believe in the power to give it to a brasalete. I prefer to keep working the power in me to heal me. Excuse my honor. I do not rule out the preciousness of the jewel. regards

Ultimately the individual is responsible for their own healing. There are beneficial tools for activating that power, and we encourage everyone to tune into whatever methods work best for them!

Beautiful bracelet. I love the fact that it activates self-reliance and independence which is essential to life. I want to meditate but I find it difficult so I would love to have one since it aids meditation and spiritual journeys and dream state. Thanks for the post @gardenofeden.

You're welcome! Meditation is a great practice. Try starting with just a few minutes a day, and you will find that your practice quickly improves.

It's healing power is amazing!

Frankly when I heard about this bracelet I thought it was just a rumor, but now I'm sure it is, this bracelet will be an important part of our lives

This is a great bracelet

I love that it is handmade, it makes it unique and special.

Yes you will not find another one exactly like it in the world!

Beautiful bracelet and the best thing is that it is full of positive and medicinal properties.

Yes! AND it supports a very honorable cause, so an investment in one person's health will help us help MANY more people!

Extraordinary work of goldsmiths ... the best thing is that it is practical and medicinal.

Yes we are also proud to offer it in support of a worthy cause

Beautiful medicinal bracelet, full of wonderful properties.

So beautiful bracelet. Its color is attractive and unique. I like it. Thanks for sharing....

You're welcome

Very nice art.
I appreciate your busy...

bracelets are very beautiful, and useful, will add the beauty of hands, thank you for sharing @gardenofeden.

You're welcome

wow, its a shiny beautiful Bracelet.

Awesome bracelet

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