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It to be useful practical interesting and something my audience looks forward to because it's going to help them grow in their ebay business okay now for my back story in case you have never heard why i started selling on ebay and how and why my business has evolved over the years again my name is Suzanne a wells and i have been selling on ebay since 2003 i started selling when i lost my job and went through a divorce at the same time my kids were ages six and eight and i was basically clawing and scraping to keep the bills paid we lived in a nice middle class neighborhood in the suburbs ofdirt bike part s and my goal was to stay there and not have my children's lives disrupted.

Wash a Motocross Dirt Bike the Right Way
Any more than necessary because of a divorce so i wanted to stay in that house they would stay in the same school grow up with their friends and not have to move so i was in the process of getting ready to have a garage sale when my next door neighbor suggested i sell my things on ebay instead because it was ongoing 24 7. you have access to so many more people who could buy your items you know when you have a garage sale your customers are the people that show up that day when you sell on ebay it's 24 7 your store is always open and you have access pretty much to the entire world so huge opportunity there i didn't even know what ebay was so she explained it to me and let me borrow her digital camera to get started because i didn't even have a camera to take pictures.

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The very first thing i sold was my son's dale earnhardt car seat which had been sitting in the basement for about four years i figured a collector might want it because we had lived in charlotte north carolina for about six years from 1988 to 1994 and i knew all about the nascar frenzy and those nascar fans collect everything so i cleaned it up i took it apart i washed the cover you know i scrubbed the inside it was plastic and you know all the gunk that gets in there when you have a toddler riding around in a car seat.

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and i put it on auction because that's all that was available at the time were auctions and it sold for eighty dollars i never would have gotten that much for it at a garage sale so i was hooked after one item so i continued to sell things that i didn't want need or use like clothing both my clothing my kids clothing you know obviously stuff they had outgrown kitchen items because everybody has two or three or more of everything in their kitchen toys my kids had outgrown books craft supplies linens vhs tapes like i went through my house room by room closet by closet and i just put everything we weren't using or didn't need up for sale so i made fifteen hundred dollars profit the first month and breathed a sigh of relief when the monthly bills were covered gas gas motorcycles for sale