The Gaugan IA Contest on Steemit - Week 22

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Hello all! I hope everyone is safe and feeling ok!

Today I'm posting my entry for The Gaugan IA Contest on Steemit - Week 22. This is my first attempt so don't be too judgemental! 🤣

This contest was created by @steemean and you can post an entry every week until Sunday.

Image created by @cuko using Gaugan Nvidia tool.

This was the image of my drawing before applying the filter, as you can see super basic and simple!

Image created by @cuko using Gaugan Nvidia tool.

This amazing software creates images using artificial intelligence from basic drawings. You have several tools: landscape, ground, buildings, etc.

I dare all of you to try and join this amazing contest!

I will be waiting here to see all of your entries! Good luck to you all!

E obrigada pelo excelente concurso Jimbo!

Stay safe, lots of love 💚


You worked very well the drawing part @cuko and as a result you got a beautiful result... did you know that it can change depending on the image selected down on the image strip?
Thanks so much for entering, that means a lot for our young friend Jimbo!
Best wishes, stay safe 🤗🤗

Heyy @drakernoise thanks for the positive feedback! Yes I've tried to play with some of the "filters" under the images. Although only a few of them. I will definitely look more into it and continuing have fun with Gaugan Tool! 💚

That is a seriously amazing tool! I need to find out more about this one. Great job!

It's is really nice! You should try it and make an entry for the contest! Thanks for the feedback!

Hi @cuko.
Welcome to the Gaugan Contest, and thanks for your entry.
You need to upload the image of the Gaugan AI Painting. I failed the upload.
Your drawing is very nice. :)
This is week 22 of the contest. See this post

The Gaugan IA Contest on Steemit - Week 22

Hey @steemean!

The result of using the tool was the first image on this post.

You need to upload the image of the Gaugan AI Painting.

I am not sure which image is missing. Could you please clarify it?

Thanks for the contest!
Stay safe!💚

I'm very sorry, @cuko
My computer was not uploading the first image.
Now I saw it. :)
I used your drawing (that I could see), but I got a worst result. :(
I'm going to delete it in my last comment.

Sure. Sem problema nenhum. Mais uma vez obrigada pelo concurso!

Wow, that is amazing! I've never seen software like this! Bravo!

It is indeed amazing, and I have never heard about it before seeing the post for the contest! You should try it and make your own entry! 💚

Wow, That's amazing!

Thank you! 💚

Your welcome!

Cool, I think I am gonna try that out to in a few days :)

You should! It is really fun! 💚

Hello Friend @cuko

I love your proposal for this contest. It looked beautiful on you.

Here what is really important is the vision of the creator of the base drawing, so that the result is attractive, as well as yours.

I am impressed with this software and more so whoever is proposing this contest is a 6 year old. Amazing!!!

Thank you for showing us this wonderful example.

Thank you @librepensadora for your feedback!
It is indeed amazing that a (portuguese) 6 year old kid thought of this contest! You should try as well I'm looking forward to see your entry! 💚

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