The Gaugan IA Contest on Hive - Week 23

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Hello all! I hope everyone is safe and okay!

Today I'm posting my second entry for The Gaugan IA Contest on Hive - Week 23. My first attempt was very successful and I won the contest! So I hope you like this second entry as well!

This contest was created by @steemean and you can post an entry every week until Sunday.

choosen one.jpg

This was the image of my drawing before applying the filter, as you can see super basic and simple!

gaugan_input 1.png

As I have said on my previous post, this amazing software creates images using artificial intelligence from basic drawings. You have several tools to use: landscape, ground, buildings, etc.

I used several filters before choosing my final image for the contest.

Check some of them and tell me which one is your favourite!

gaugan_output 1.jpggaugan_output 2.jpggaugan_output 3.jpggaugan_output 5.jpggaugan_output 6.jpg

I dare all of you to try and join this amazing contest!

I will be waiting here to see all of your entries! Good luck to you all!

E obrigada, mais uma vez, pelo excelente concurso Jimbo!

Stay safe, lots of love 💚


Muy bonito resultado
Te felicito

Muchas gracias! Que tal, te gusta el programa? 💚

Si, me parece excelente

Maravilla entonces quiero ver tus participaciones! 💚