Yes man!!!! Looking forward to hearing your new stuff!!!!
.. on the comps/jams/rap challenges, You are right on the 'prizes' not always being 'big' steem, cos you cant operate that way long term.... and we still 'media young' right!? Nows the time!! Imagine a future where the upcoming make more steem doing this than on 5bags!!! as long as the underlying concept is the music, it works!

Incidently, still going strong with the jam!!! Im making new all the time n got stacksa beats on harddrives so call me (long)TERMite!!! haha!

haha! cam wont turn off!!

I like that. Long-Termite....HA HA. Dope. Well, my man...tomorrow that is my homework, I'll be writing up a plan for how can cooperate together to keep that hip hop spirit alive and continue to grow the hip hop community here on Steemit.

Always spitting the truth-whether rapping or just talking, if you do a jackin for beats that'd be dope! I'd enter 4 sure! I started a challenge myself it's on my blog. "ken with his crazy ass" LMAO you my guy! Shit had me cracking up. Most of the music i put on my blog is older too some new, same as you. But yea we need to get something consistent going, i think we all miss the weekly meeting

Watup Ken. Yeah I think the Jacking for Beats is a good idea. Everyone can do it on their own and we can all resteem each other to promotes everyone's entry. I can be a main post in regards to posting everyone else's individual post out there. I wouldn't mind.

Sounds good to me my nig

just poppin in to show show love homey!! ima be back on steemit on the regular again next year! and we need to create a new rap thing...

About time! I mentioned you in my most recent openmic(not a diss) check it out if haven't yet. Glad to have you back brother

HA HA...Ken will diss everybody...while sipping vodka. Lmao

You know me too

Yessir. Definitely. I'm going to figured out something.

@geechidan, I respect your passion for the Steemit community. I'm down to support and/or assist with curating a platform for emcees to have that opportunity. If you have Discord, we can discuss in detail.

Yes please! Something solid by the people for the people. I miss you guys!
I am so excited for what's to come.
"Ken with his crazy ass" hahahaha we must be family! You so funny!
Has anyone spoken with @rondonson?

Love love!

Nope, I haven't spoke to him. From what he posted from his last video, he's pretty much done with it...for a while anyway. I figure it would be nice to come up with something everyone could get involved in. But not one that necessarily involves prize money. I feel him on the prize money, it obligates you to payouts and me honestly, I don't make enough on Steemit to give a guarantee payout. But I'm always willing to resteem and upvote and even help spread the word. Oh yeah, we're definitely family here.

You know i don't think i've heard you rap? You got some songs or freestyles i can check out?

Really? I have entered a few of the rap challenges. Here's my soundcloud

I just think we missed each other, i came in pretty late in the rap challenges. I'll check your sound cloud out for sure. I'm thinkin' about getting on sound cloud, everybody is telling me i need to

Maybe we could also somehow team up with the beat battle dudes & use the winning beats from their beat battles for our cyphers, if we want. Just an idea!

Not a bad idea. I could see that getting complicated with communication though. It may even get to a point where we become reliant on them to get the beats out so that we can then do the cyphers...I got something I'll be proposing to you soon.

Can't wait beautiful! The Cypher effect just joined Steemit.. You know who I mean?

Thank you for saying this and the shout out! You even pronounced my name right in Swedish, almost haha. But it translates to private so that's fine too!

A lot of great ideas we should really get together to decide on something more stable. I like the jacking for beats idea for a competition every week. That could be passed on. But maybe what we need most is to choose a not very used hashtag and create some VERY basic guidelines on how to use it. We should give everyone a chance to have opinions on specifics but here's an example of what I'm thinking.

I like "the cut" so let's say we decide on #deepcut to be sure we get to keep it for this purpose. Someone like you or anyone of us creates a post presenting this new place on Steemit saying something like "Respect these guidelines and you're very welcome to use this hashtag. This is where rappers and beat makers meet up on Steemit. Please only post new original rap or original beats that you want this community to rap on. Only use it as your first tag if you are re-posting this or talking to the whole community.." etc..

When this is in place whoever wants to could start new #deepcut competitions with various amounts of price money. Some, like jacking for beats, could be every week. Some could be just once. As long as it starts rolling and is catchy enough I think this kind of sub-community could get really big and self sustaining. (The problem with just using something like #hiphop is that it's too broad I think. It's good but just says 'this has something to do with hip hop' instead of being a community)

Wall of text.. I should probably have made a vlog response. Anyway this is just a general direction I propose we could go in. Please let me know what you think and keep the discussion alive like this, peace!