Stay home ..... it is the best option in these uncertain times

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Coronavirus is bearing down on us little people in Australia at a great rate of knots. We have seen this deadly virus in action in China, Europe, and the US and it is scary. I feel so sad for the people who are affected and who have passed away. There is so much grief being felt in our world.

What to do is the question? How do you protect yourself from this aggressive killing virus?

It is time to take cover says clever informed friends and family. Stock your pantry and fridge with essentials and food and spend a few weeks or more quietly inside your home and garden.

So my Ben and I took notice , thought about it and decided to do just this, self-isolate for a little while. We don't know how long. During the quiet times at the supermarkets we plan to buy essentials if we need to. It i is recommended that people can wear masks, stay 1.6 metre distance away from other shoppers, wash hands and clothes when getting home.

We sure live in uncertain times don't we? Who would have guessed coronavirus would be doing this to the world 6 month ago?

If you have had enough of the bad scary news here are some positive facts I recently heard from a friend.

  • Newborn baby in China recovers from coronavirus in 17 days without medication. (

  • 10-1 ratio of recoveries to deaths, 8,000 deaths compared to 80,000 recoveries. (

Another friend Pamela Hope Deluca posted this bit of interesting information on facebook this morning.

Pamela Hope DeLuca


Otherwise if you have had enough of hearing the constant repeating of scary facts on the TV everyday, try doing this -

New Note.jpeg

Stay healthy and well everyone - take care and look after yourselves

Cheers and blessings


Exercise, boost your immune system, sleep, de-stress and meditate is recommended by the health experts.



Thanks for some good news.
We all need it
I sure I'm probably going about this wrong
Can you or anyone tell me what "key" I need to use to transfer Steem from Bittrex to my Steem wallet.
So lost
Very frustrating trying to learn how to do anything here,
Not very social for a social network

Hi @sgerhart, I am not the person to help you with this problem. I don't know either. Sorry. Good luck finding someone.

Thank you anyway for your courteous reply

You are most welcome

Definitely have to agree with you @angiemitchell

Good to hear some positive news Angie - the TV news is all gloom and doom about the pandemic.

There is one reported case of COVID-19 on the Island and everything is being shutdown.- churches, schools, public events.

Everyone advised to stay home unless necessary to leave. Pharmacies and grocers still open The cannabis and liquor stores closed today. The health authorities didn’t figure they were essential. LOL

I hope you are stocked up Jo. We bought some yesterday! Locking down for a period of time is the most sensible, one the Australian government has not made at this stage. There are currently 795 confirmed here as of this morning.

At least we can still write and talk online - a lovely positive

We are well stocked up to last a few weeks even if necessary. So many jokes going around about the run on toilet paper. I see at the grocer they have a notice of only 2 pkgs. per customer.

Yes, the internet will be a blessing for communicating while in self-isolation. That’s quite a few cases Angie. I wonder where it will all end.

Be safe and stay well my friend. 💕

Have you ever listened to Kryon, an angelic entity that Lee Carroll channels. He has been doing this since 1998. Free audios at on his site and I love listening to them. There is one that Kryon recently gave in March this year in Reykjavik in Iceland on coronavirus. It is very interesting.

Thank you Jo and stay safe too. Our adult kids are giving us lots of instructions and keep telling us that we are in the risky age group. OMG when did getting old happen?

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