I'm Getting My Teeth Kicked In On The Binance Smart Chain

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Mainly doing bad in the BNB-LTC Liquidity Pool. I have a net loss of a few BNBs when it comes down to it at this given time.



Overall my biggest win over on the Binance Smart Chain has been just purchasing CAKE and staking CAKE.

I bought in at $3.20 so I got a good buy in price.

Are any of you guys in the liquidity pools on the Binance Smart Chain?


I only had bought BNB itself, that coin is like BTC in price movement, I mean it moves like a shadow with its price. @brianphobos

Yeah the price will sneak up on you.

Dang that stinks! I have only done one LP and that is on a new yield farming platform apeswap. I did pretty well there. But now I am back to only doing pools. I am doing pools on pancake.swap and on ape.swap. I got nervous about the LP farms, so pulled out, haha.

Yeah it was all an experiment but yeah the pools are simpler for sure. Eventually I will phase out of the CAKE pool but for right now it is just too good to go away from.

I know right? I am loving my cake pool haha, just wish I bought more CAKE when it was at 8.50 just a few days ago.

Yeah if i would have realized I should have just did a USDC loan against my other crypto and got more CAKE.....It's a tough one. It's been a nice gravy train

For sure, I am enjoying the 136% I am getting in the Cake Pool.

If you get in that same CAKE pool through https://autofarm.network
you earn 292% between the CAKE you earn, the AUTO you earn and it automatically is compounding your earnings by batching it with other transactions to make fees cheaper on the back end.

Interesting! I will look into it. Thanks!

You may take a look at ApeSwap. My latest blog post on here talks about it. They forked from PanCakeSwap. I am getting great returns over there, and it is a fun community. Just followed you on Twitter too!

Yeah... I bought 3 Cake at $17 on Binance so I’m down quite a bit.... I do best when I just earn Steem, Blurt and Hive from blogging and convert to Bitcoin on the dips ... that has been my best Strategy since 2017

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