Envy is one of the most frequent feelings.

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Who is worse envy or stinginess?

There was a distant country where the king wanted to know if envy or stinginess was worse. To find out the answer to this question he sent for the most envious man, and the most stingy man in the whole kingdom. When he had them in front of him he said: "Each of you, ask for what you want. But I will give twice as much to the other".

The stingy man felt very uncomfortable. By asking for something, he would also be giving something. Something similar happened to the envious man. The cheapskate then said that he didn't want anything. If they didn't give him anything, they wouldn't give the other one either. It was the envious man's turn, and he said, "I want my eye gouged out.

Moral: a jealous person is willing to suffer if it makes the other person suffer more.

Envy is one of the most secret evils that infect the human heart. This deep concern or sadness for the good of others is a disease that corrodes the soul and does not allow a man to perceive with pleasure even his own reality. It is born of selfishness that does not admit to rejoice with more wellbeing than one's own, and generates an insurmountable barrier of fury and rivalry with others. We could say that there is "healthy" envy that is not evil and that is expressed in the recognition of something or someone worthy of being exalted. But destructive envy immediately debases, degrades, and belittles everything that is placed before it, but mainly the person who allows it to take root in his heart.

Envy is generated in us because of our own insecurity in what we do or are. It leads us to seek everyone's approval, to want to do more than we can, and that can be terribly exhausting. People who suffer this evil, perhaps innocently act this way, without wanting to or without realizing it... but it must be something very terrible to live because it makes you suffer, fall into hypocrisy, say unpleasant things... and finally, it turns us into destructive people.

If you know someone envious, he will surely give you a hard time. If you are the envious person, you will have a bad time and will hurt or tire others, just because of your insecurities.

This little reflection reminds me of a lot of what God says in his word: a peaceful heart is a life to the flesh, but envy, the rottenness of bones. (In this proverb God is showing us the secret of good health. A peaceful heart is right with God. It has no envy, jealousy, pride, malice, greed, or hatred. If there were that in his heart, he tells us that he will rot the bones).

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