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It is said that in a city, a group of people was having fun with a village idiot. A poor wretch, of little intelligence, who lived on small scraps and alms. Every day they called the idiot to the bar where they met and offered him a choice between two coins:

A large coin of 400 reals and a smaller one of 2,000 reals.

He always chose the larger one and the less valuable one, which was a source of laughter for everyone. One day, one of the members of the group called him and asked him if he had not yet perceived that the larger coin was worthless. I know," he answered, "I'm not that dumb. It's worth five times less, but the day I choose the other one, the game is over and I'm not going to win my coin anymore.

Several conclusions can be drawn from this little story.

  1. Who looks like an idiot, is not always an idiot.

  2. Who were the real idiots in the story?

  3. If you were ambitious, you would end up cutting off your source of income.

But the most interesting conclusion is, I think:

The perception that we can be okay, even if others don't have a good opinion about us. Therefore, what matters is not what they think of us, but what we are.

"The greatest pleasure of an intelligent man is to appear to be an idiot, in front of an idiot who appears to be intelligent"

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