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Evaluate the actions that you believe are commitments that you have to fulfill, measure the consequences of not doing them, and find the reasons for your decision.

Do you let yourself be carried away by events without remedy, or do you face them with a feeling of unease? Do the news, newspapers, commentaries, traffic, the weather, decide your mood?

It is time to stop, to take the direction of your own life, and from now on decide on your every action.

In the face of conflict, ask yourself what results in you would like to achieve and then decide to achieve them. In the face of indecision, look within yourself for what you value and appreciate most, and act by your deepest convictions, which will give you existential coherence that will give you the assurance of having done the right thing.

Do not allow, from today on, that someone else decides for you; that the bad mood, the mistreatment, the contempt you receive, are not the reagents of your behavior, rise above them and be you who you want to be, not what the others have decided to do with you.

Always remember that decisions imply resignation and even if it is painful, always look for "a good for a greater good". Every day, when you wake up, decide to be happy, live with optimism, with joy and enthusiasm, decide the quality of life you want to have. Happiness is a conscious decision that implies an iron will, that overcomes adversities, the aggressive and the unpleasant setbacks, but if we have enough faith daily we will reach it.

And finally, keep in mind that what hurts us is not the events, but our response to them, so our intimate decision determines how much they should affect us; you are the only owner and responsible for your life, conquer it daily by exercising your freedom to decide.

Learning through Reflection on Action

Many times we do things out of habit. Even when they "go wrong" for us, we often continue to do things the same way. We just hope that they turn out better next time. Although we comment that "at least we learned from the experience," in fact, if we don't reflect on what happened, trying to identify both what we did well and what we could improve, it is doubtful that we will learn much.

Therefore, we need to learn to reflect on our experiences so that we can learn from them and gradually develop better ways of acting. We do this by applying the "learning cycle" with its four phases: experience, reflection, conceptualization, and application.

Reflection on Experience

When we want to learn from the experience, we begin the learning cycle by reflecting on some experience we have had, especially one that has not left us completely satisfied.

In reflecting, we can try to see both the advantages and disadvantages of acting as we did, the factors that led us to act that way and the consequences of our actions, or simply the strengths and weaknesses that characterized our actions.

We can also consider whether the way we act facilitates the development of our capacities and the capacities of others and whether it contributes to the formation of a just and united society.

Also, we can analyze whether the actions taken have led us to the ends we desire and whether problems have arisen that we would like to try to avoid the next time we do something similar.

Reflective people analyze everything that happens to them and everything that happens around them. They observe the behavior of others, they know perfectly well their environment and the way of acting of the people around them. They know how to listen calmly and do not intervene until they know the situation and know clearly what they want to say or do.

They are people who have control of their emotions, they do not act hastily or lightly but meditate on all the decisions they are going to make, analyze the different alternatives, their advantages, and disadvantages, and decide on them.

All their actions are the result of a deep reflection, they meditate on everything that happens to them in detail. They reflect not only on their present and current circumstances but also on their future and what they expect from it, so they have clear and defined objectives.

Usually, they are introverted persons. They convey tranquility and serenity, and their opinion is usually highly valued by others. They learn from their mistakes, reflecting on them, and analyzing the reason for their mistakes.

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