Realities for reflection 12

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The only thing that belongs to us is time, even the one who has nothing else counts on that.

Science has promised us the truth, but it has never promised us peace and happiness.

Affection is the desire to please the pedantic.

The law must be like death, which does not exempt anyone.

Defense is a duty, aggression is an act of madness.

Actions are much more sincere than words.

Most of those who speak in all sincerity are half silent.

Sarcasm is nothing but weakness that covers up anger.

Freedom is the right to choose the people who will have the obligation to limit us.

The only possible and respectable aristocracy is that of decent people.

Democracy replaces the appointment made by a corrupt minority with the choice made at the mercy of an incompetent majority.

The madmen open the roads that later are walked by the wise.

The bee and the wasp suck the same flowers but do not get the same honey.

The wise and the foolish are equally harmless; those who are more to be feared are the half-wise and the half-dumb.

Happiness is not a prize, but a consequence. Suffering is not a punishment, but a result.

Intelligent people have a right over the ignorant, the right to instruct them.

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