Get Life time free upvotes from lays

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currently 18k to 35k power nearby is coming to serve you with free upvotes.

Delegate Power and earn big reward

Delegate @lays at least 1000 Steem power and you will get life time free upvote Daily 1 full upvote you will get ,
All you need to do is just delegate your 1000 Steem power to @lays and you will start getting free upvote from lays Daily,
My each upvote worth upto 40 to 50 cent on full node and 30 cent on half Node.
Just click the link

Delegator ID = your ID
Delegatee ID = lays
Amount = 1000
Then click on delegate Via

Then just approve the request and enter username and your master key and delegate you power.
You can also undelegate your power if you are not happy with me just write 0 instead of 1000 next time when you want to undelegate , but i am sure you will enjoy free upvote for life time.


Its very simple and easy steps to do and you will get 3x what you invested . i will set auto upvote on your account when every you post on your blog , my account will give you auto upvote with in 5 minutes , so hurry up book your spot today.


You got a 72.89% upvote from @minnowvotes courtesy of @lays!

Please note that this is a scam and it would take 6 years to get back 3x your investment. This guy is a list and scammer. Don't 'invest'

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