THe clash is to continue Hardfork 23

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Justin sun community updated that they will do a protection hard fork against those users who tried to steal steem reputation and played with Steem, used steem to marketing Hive , their own chain . So according to the news this new hardfork will seize 5 million steem from chain. This is good news for some and bad for some .
Those who are holders of these fund will continue to disturb from this.
Steem instead of dropping due to lock down , instead it get pumped today , because some steem holders are still happy with this because it will decrease the inflation ,


In my view many big whales misuse their power and tried to destroyed steem network, When justin take over steem and sudden hive arrived in few days , how it could be possible to create a new chain in 1 week , Actually these old witness were already in search of new chain and continue they were stealing reward from reward pool.
seizure of fund is against the blockchain law , but when someone betrays you and try to misuse your network to gain profit and run new network , market their project using your project so its very necessary to take action against them.
Most of old witness already know that the new fork will freeze their account ,
but the good news is that now power down period is not 13 week its only 4 week to power down which is very good and will encourage investor to come with steem and start making money , and discontinue if they do not like it.
Next hardfork scheduled for: Wed, 20 May 2020 14:00:00 UTC (in 2 hours, 6 minutes)


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