Take Care Everyone / The 6th day Lockdown ( War at Corona Virus)

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Hello everyone . Today is the 6th day Lockdown here in France . Started early dates from closing of the schools , then Cafes till last March 17 finally the President decided to lockdown France to control the virus from spreading .

The resident is not allowed to go out . Unless it is necessary like going to work with very impotant duties, or buying food or you need to go to the hospital .
Also you have to bring the piece of document that the government gave signed by you and if your working need to be signed by your employer .

The government do their best to contain and fight the virus . They gave a penalties if you ddn't follow . If someone
is disobying then the penalty to pay will be from 35 EUROS TO 135 EUROS or more . 100,000 police officer is going around and controlling the resident here if they are not following the rules .

At this moment 22 of March 2020 . The case here in FRANCE has 14,489 and 562 Deaths . My birthdland Philippnes case is 380, 25 death . . The mainland China with 81,054 cases and 3,261 deaths . The second but the most death case is in Italy 53,578 cases with 4,825 deaths .
It is terrifying situation. That we all need to cooperated to help .

Pls Triple care to protect our lives and our family. Just follow the basic steps like proper hygene to wash our hands often and use alcohol use mask when we go out and be mindful how do we feel. if you experiencing same symptoms like sore throat , headache , fever and others , dont hesitate to have a check up. The earlier the better.

It is very difficult battle for all of us but we can all surpass it . We need to be positive .

If you wanna see updates of the cases about Corona Virus you can check in this link: https://www.pharmaceutical-technology.com/features/coronavirus-outbreak-the-countries-affected/

Thank you very much for reading my blog .
I Pray for all of our safeness.

Take care .