1 Week of Steem

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My goal is to spend one week on Steem. I will try to post daily updates on my activities. I made some recent STEEM purchases to power up my account at the price of ~ $0.20. I currently have 1,631 SP and I may increase this. I had approximately 1,700 STEEM during the 2017 bull run when the price of STEEM/SBD were $5+. I powered down in 2018 and sold the STEEM for ~ $2 each on average.


It is my intention to update the three github repositories that I created back then:

  1. https://github.com/AdamCox9/Creating-First-Steemit-Bot
  2. https://github.com/AdamCox9/Steemit-NodeJS-Bot-Tutorial
  3. https://github.com/AdamCox9/Steemit-Follow-Bot

I want to test them and make sure they work. If it is necessary to make significant changes to the tutorial articles or Github Repositories for the "Creating First Steemit Bot" or "Steemit NodeJS Bot Tutorial", I will either leave comments on the old articles or create new articles if the changes are significant. The "Steemit Follow Bot" was an ongoing project that I have not contributed to since February 19, 2018 so I may post multiple articles about the progress on that project.

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Good luck. .20 is an OK price. Have you ever considered trading Steem?

Yes. I trade some pairs, but the spread and volatility for STEEM isn't high enough for me to make the profits I would like.

What pairs do you trade?

It changes over time, but they are never the same. I have mostly just been accumulating and waiting for the next bull run. It is less work and stress and potentially more profitable. I tried to do some 100x margin trading with ETH/USD on Bitforex with small amounts, but it always goes the wrong direction.

Do you do trading? Bitforex has a trading competition that I have been attempting:


I think I placed in the top 20 daily competition last week on the first day, but got liquidated on the second day. I haven't received my reward yet.

What do you think about the 23.6 million STEEM that got sent to Bittrex from the @community321 account? Do you think there is a good opportunity to buy some really cheap STEEM if they get sold there?

I mainly just do Steem and Hive. I did give away my id to some exchanges though so maybe I should consider it. Steem is tempting for me but I don't like that KYC b.s. so I don't like the regular exchanges.

I'm not sure what will happen with the 23.6 million but I doubt it will get sold off anytime soon.