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And on Tuesday nights on the @radiosteem Discord server, the move gets good with @oneray and his "Put on the Batteries" show.

Between the good humor, the music that excites us, the vibration, and the content that can guide us in these decentralized networks and their dynamics, you keep them glued to the programming that participates in this radio community.

IMAGE COURTESY OF @bitcoinroute and given to the program Put on the batteries!

This Tuesday at 8 p.m. M. Hora from Venezuela, we listen again to talk about growth online, we plan things that only work collectively, so join us to create together and grow.

In this episode, we talked about techniques to increase followers and grow on the Steem network, as a complement to what we talked about collaborative growth last week.

We also talked about @appics, why invest in this social network and create content that is rewarded with APX, a token that very soon will give much to talk about.

The other issue that we will address will be the internal market and, how to empower ourselves, with a basic trading strategy in this market, which could help us increase our voting power.

I hope the night comes and we can delve as deeply as possible into these topics and if you want to participate, join us here and "Ponte las Pilas" with @oneray

Our first episode of "How to do cryptography" is already on the air and we want to invite you to listen to our program in Spanish from

IMAGE COURTESY OF @bitcoinroute.
The hows of Crypto with @bitcoinroute

This is a post originally written in Spanish by @bitcoinroute.

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