Studying family history from online sources.

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I got interested in genealogy in 1993 when I received copy of research made by my mother's brother. He did research both my father's and mother's family.

When I started my own research, I noticed some errors in the original research. Some dates were obviously invalid and there was some generations missing. I did detach some persons from their parents so I could look up various databases for correct parents.

As I was missing birth dates and names for the parents, I made rough guesses that parents were 25 years older than their first child. Some entries for the children already contained patronymic which is basically genitive form of father's name. Very few names of children contained matronymic which is on the other hand genitive form of mother's name. Using that information I could look up enough data from online sources so I could again search for the incorrect parents within direct ancestors and close family members. After a while, I could fill in the correct parents and eventually found how they were related to the incorrect ones.

More I guessed missing details, more I could compare with other sources to fill in missing information. Sometimes I had to adjust birth dates multiple times before online search engines could find possible matches. As some of the profiles were private, I had to use tricks to bypass the checks to get the information...

Using MyHeritage Family Tree Builder, it is possible to see private information from some profiles after user syncs with the online version. When the profile is open in website, it will show person's name, birth date and death date. That is usually enough to get more information revealed after resyncing again.

Further back in time, there is a lot of lineages where both father and son had same names, so sometimes a grandfather was linked as person's father instead. There was also people who had children before they turned 18 years old, but that was expected as during those years, people did die a at younger age, a lot of them didn't live older than 40 years.

When I started online research, I didn't use any special software, just free versions of genealogy websites as they allow limited access to research made by other users, even from different websites. When using research of other people as background information, it is essential to remember that any research can contain errors and must be verified from official sources if available. Wikipedia and personal websites of descendants are not considered official sources.

There is some published books about noble and royal families but some of them are written in other language than English. When I started researching, I had to read English, Swedish, German, Polish, Latvian and Russian to find enough information about my own family.


hi @mtl1979

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I have already checked it out...

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I have already checked it out...

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I'm following the community already... I don't use Discord much as it floods my phone with notifications...

Hi @mtl1979

I don't use Discord much as it floods my phone with notifications...

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My own cryptocurrency has both Discord and Telegram, those are basically the only ones I keep as most of the other ones (for all the third-party mining pools and exchanges) are full of people fooling around and posting junk.

On active days I get about 200 notifications in an hour, so when I am not at home or my office, people keep wondering why I ignore my phone. I can't just mute it as then no-one could call me with important matters... I have different ringtones for different contact list entries, so I always know who is calling.

hi @mtl1979

200 notifications in an hour? perhaps you should consider switching off notification that you've received an upvote. I presume that most of it comes from all upvotes you're receiving (I think that just few are related to comments).

Yours, Piotr

When it hits certain number of notifications, it just stops showing more... There is limit per application and limit per number of applications that have sent notifications...

One fun thing was when I had 20 notifications, of which 19 were that I had old unread notifications... The last one was simple "What's up?"... Hardly worth of even reading...

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