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We used to sell Trinitite at our store.
As the picture shows; it is fused sand from the first atomic test blast in Trinity New Mexico. We had quite a bit of it, but in 2017 we had a run of customers buying it and quickly ran out. Since then I have been trying to find more at a reasonable price. No such luck. I'm still looking though.
Today a friend of ours brought in a bag of small Trinitite pieces.
So I decided to look at them under my trusty stereoscope.
Trinitite has a green hue to it sort of like Moldavite, but not as much.
While we're not seeing defined crystal structures, they are brilliant.
There are also fractures that show a prismatic affect.
Even fused glass can look fantastic under the scope.


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I remember reading about trinitite a while ago and getting really interested in it. I think there may have been a few popular articles floating around the internet at the time you had the big rush.


I can probably guess why they look similar.