Wellness in Germany - Wellness in Deutschland!

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Hey guys, follow me to a wonderful Wellness evening in Bavaria! After having a beautiful walk next to "Tegernsee" - Lake I decided to return back to the hotel to enjoy a wonderful wellness evening!

The spa area at the Tegernsee Hotel welcomes its guests to over 2400 square meters. Everything that makes my heart beating faster is available. Panoramic sauna with lake view, two sundecks to relax, even a cozy fireplace lounge is available. With luxury at a high level, the hotel attracts its guests.

I wanted to experience pure well-being and decided to take a herbal bath! According to the wishes of the hotel guest the staff offer either a herbal bath, a rose oil - relaxing bath or a skin care bath.

238222372_9571986798737956149 2.jpg
Sometimes we have to feel like queens or kings :)

Signs were showing me the right direction to the spa area

The corridor of the spa area

Swimming is healthy and calms me down, I was also able to swim outside. The temperature was pleasantly warm in the water

The view to the other shore of the lake was nice at night. Hehe it was cold, but girls are strong and out of steel :P

In the relaxation room I almost felt asleep, because everything was soooo beautiful <3

Another relaxation room <3 You had to be quite there and it was not allowed to speak, just relaxing was allowed :)

At the end I was drinking a hot cup of tea


Wish you all a relaxed Wednesday evening! See You Soon - Big Hug Lena <3 <3

deutsch / same post in German


Hallo! Mein Spaziergang am Tegernsee war traumhaft, es wurde dunkel und damit auch Zeit für Wellness!

Der Spa Bereich im Tegernsee Hotel empfängt seine Gäste auf über 2400 quadratmeter. Alles was mein Herz höher schlagen kann ist vorhanden. Panoramasauna mit Seeblick, zwei Sonnendecks zum relaxen, sogar eine gemütliche Kaminlounge ist im Hause zu finden. Mit Luxus auf hohem Niveau zieht das Hotel seine Gäste an!

Ich wollte pures Wohlbefinden erleben, aber wie? Ja klar, mit einem Kräuterbad :) <3 Nach Wünschen des Hotelgastes wird entweder ein Kräuterbad, Rosenöl - Entspannungsbad oder auch ein hautpflegendes Bad angeboten.

238222372_9571986798737956149 2.jpg
Manchmal sollten wir uns wie ein/e Prinz/essin fühlen :)

Beschriftungen führten zum Spa Bereich

Der Flur im Spa Bereich

Schwimmen ist gesund und beruhigt mich gleichzeitig. Es war auch möglich draussen zu schwimmen, denn das Wasser wurde auf eine angenehme Temperatur aufgewärmt.

Der Blick auf das Festland gegenüber war Nachts besonders schön. Und ja kalt war es aber Mädels sind doch das heimliche starke Geschlecht :P

Im Ruheraum bin ich fast weg gepennt, neiin langweilig war es nicht, es war einfach nur sooo schön gemütlich <3

Die Hotelanlage beinhaltete mehrere Ruheräume <3 Sprechen war verboten, Entspannung war erlaubt :)

Zum Schluss gab es noch eine Tasse heissen Tee


Wünsche euch allen einen entspannten Mittwoch Abend! Bis Bald und nen Fetten Drücker - LG Lena <3 <3


Every place you visit were amazing @lenatramper. Your style is so beautiful.

Thanks a lot!

You visit beautiful places, I think you have had a wonderful time

Thanks a lot and the time is priceless :O

journey fun and living in a hotel with comfortable bed while enjoying the beauty of the hotel rooms and some Photo very nice .. thank you @lenatramper sharing I will always follow your post the next.

Thanks a lot for your big support!

Hi My Dear Friend @lenatramper Thank You! so much for sharing onther nice" traveling story. have a nice day enjoy.

Your picture is beautiful, my dear friend ، Thank you for sharing with us the most beautiful moments of your travel
I hope you enjoy your day

Thanks a lot for ready ! I wish you a good evening and the best!

wow you look so beautiful @lenatramper wonderful place

I wish you had enjoyed your trip inside the hotel and wellness resorts ,,, I liked those pictures for the wellness resorts, I hope to visit those places someday, and I wish you happiness and good luck my dear lady @lenatramper 🌹😊😉👍

Thanks a lot and I am happy you liked it!!

Wellcome for you all the time my friend ,,, all the best for u @lenatramper 😉👍

Hay friend, a beautiful place, happy always for you friends, I am every day there is a post please help ya my friend, I am still a new member, please vote yes friend, thank you very much my friend

Ich denke das sofa bequem, IST geht,lenatramper.

so beautiful room well decorated

Wünsche euch allen einen entspannten Mittwoch Abend!

Hast mich doch nicht mitgenommen, will soll denn das funktionieren ?
Aber ich denke das Spa wäre schon was für mich :D

Wer Spa nicht mag ist doof :D

Wooowww...beautifull @lenatramper

You are welcome @lenatramper
Good luck for you. Keep Smile

The place is beautiful.. on my trip to Frankfurt and I went to spa and swimming pools like this.. :ppppp

heheh thats great no matter where :)

Germany the best travel @lenatramper

time to rest @lenatramper, I've been waiting for updated post from you

thanks for the motivation!

Tegernsee" - Lake really very nice hotel.. you looking so nice and your photography.herbal bath very awesome.your all photo very nice.i think u r enjoing your trip this hotel.you are tavel lover alltime.thank u very much for ur good post.. @lenatramper

Thanks a lot for your kind comment, I am glad you like it:) !!

nice photos

Tegernsee Hotel's atmosphere was very good. I hope you have a wonderful experience. Thank you so much for sharing your excellent experience among us. . You are as beautiful as your heart too. . @lenatramper ♥♥

Thanks a lot and I am happy that you like my post!!

I like this for shering @lenatramper

Thank you very much for reading!!

It seems like a really wonderful hotel I wish I would visit the hotel one day
Very beautiful pictures you are really a beautiful girl
An essay

Thanks a lot!

Starke Frauen brauchen auch mal Zeit zum entspannen und du hast dir definitiv gegönnt hehe :)

It looks you have thoroughly enjoyed wonderful wellness evening and you look gorgeous in white bathrobe!

thanks a lot for your kind comment!

I miss that very much.
I really want to go to Germany, but I do not have money yet.
hopefully I can picnic to germany.

very nice hotel.
good photo ..

And pretty girl

Thanks! The first step to reach dreams is to fight hard for them! Wish you the best and success!

The ambience of spa looks relaxing and peaceful indeed, and the lake side shore would be icing on the cake.

hehe glad you like it!

good hotel, you look comfortable and liked the atmosphere in the hotel

thanks a lot, I am happy you like it!!

and it's great fun .. happy to rest and hope tomorrow can be very fun ..

Thanks a lot!!

Looks like a perfect place to relax! Glad you enjoyed :)

Nice lovely images Great travel Story

wawww a very cool post and a very luxurious facility

thanks a lot, I am glad you like it!

Very nice hotel, where is this?

Thanks, it is in Tegernsee in the southern part of Bavaria in Germany

Wooow amaizing! Your also beatifull. Don't forget follow and upvote me miss

I know this trip is very tired and tired, but @lenatramper looks more beautiful and fresh after flower bath and sauna.
will be very happy

haha thanks a lot!

I wanted to be there right now. Also you say that "Sometimes we have to feel like queens or kings". I think you are like a queen every time... :)

hahah thanks !!

That place does looks very high class. You seem most relaxed there.

It was a calm place high class but still very natural and cozy , thanks for visiting my post david!!

Enjoy your vacation @lenatramper :)

Thanks a lot , I will!!

Wow amazing

I think it was a beautiful day! What could be better after a walk than an evening at the SPA? I'm sure you slept very hard that night)))

haha I slept like a baby^^Thanks!!

Excellent way of explaining the experience you had in the hotel = ) I totally felt like being actually there even though in reality I'm just here on Steemit.The hotel seems really beautiful.I would go swim and relax every single day that I book there since that would refresh me and prepare me for the obligations and goals that I need to achieve.

Thank you for contributing to the Steemit Community.Keep up the great work and I'm looking forward to your next posts.

hehe thanks a lot and you are welcome, I am glad you felt like to be there !!!

Thanks yo so much mom @lenatramper
a joyful trip to this day, enjoying new locations and situations :)

Thanks a lot , I will!!

U welcome @lenatramper
but I am curious about what you want to say, I will
until now I am still curious??

very beautiful and beautiful scenery .. i love it

thanks a lot, I am glad you like it :)

It was a really cool trip, I wanted to be like you

nice room. have fun @lenatramper

very beautiful hotel, good fun @lenatramper

Perjalan yang panjang selamat bersenang senang, hotel yang bagus semoga sehat sehat selalu @lenatramper

which language is it?

This is the third day in this luxurious hotel. A wellness centre for better rest and return home for a new adventure in Switzerland Maybe you'll have a lot of beautiful memories to tell us dear friend. Dazzling shots and Sweet night @lenatramper

I try to tell as much stories as possible :) thanks a lot!!

very comfortable, make a nice relaxation for health, enjoy being a queen @lenatramper

hehe thanks dear!

Hi there...i,m very interest about your story of that place...it's very nice :)

thanks a lot, I am glad !

You Welcome @lenatramper
Always share us every vocation u did

very romantic atmosphere tegernsee Hotel's😊It's the perfect time where we can finally enjoy the silence lol. 😍
Have a very sweet day @lenatramper !!

hehe thanks a lot!!

hi ... @lenatramper you are very similar to a titanic movie player rose actors, are you including his sister?

hahah really?

Thanks for sharing these particles of your diary and wonderful photos that look more beautiful after the bath and relax
enjoy your time

Thanks a lot , I will!

very beautiful scenery .. sauna bath for pure health, extraordinary

Thank you !! This is true..

Nice place for rest)

cozy atmosphere and so beautiful @lenatramper

Good post friends, would be very nice in there hotel is really luxurious.

Thanks a lot, it was luxurious but at the first place very cozy

Yes friends, from me li his post is very comfortable place it ..😁

This very nice travel i appreciate your story thanks for sharing..Best of luck..

Thanks a lot!

nice post, i like it.

Thanks a lot!

i really praoud of you. becouse you are my friend. i fallow you @ lenatramper and i like your post.

Thanks a lot!!

Wooow amaizing! Your also beatifull. Don't forget follow and upvote me miss

The best epic photo

@lenatramper thanks for my vote

Danke schön! für mich war schön. Panorama Sauna mit Seeblick mich faszinieren, als ein Träum

hehe jeder wird wohl dort seine Lieblingsecke finden :) Danke dir!

Feels comfortable and fun.👍👍👍

@lenatramper you really enjoy this beautiful night and you look very beautiful.

Thanks a lot!!

That's sweet, it's good to relax sometimes and get away from our busy life. Have a beautiful day lena !

That is so true and I really enjoyed it^^Thanks a lot, wish you a nice and wonderful evening!


Really, as i said sis, your post is always amaze me. Couldn't think that how much the cost to completely enjoy this luxury. It will be really nice to enjoy it. I hope someday that i can travel around like you did sis. See you at your next post sis.

Thank you very much, one step is to fight hard for your dreams to reach them! Wish you the best and success !!

Its nice place to visit when we want to relax...good choice @lenatramper...

Wow really nice place with beauty gilr, glad to know you dear, you look so beautiful

Thank you very much!

Very nice hotel. a wonderful evening for you. sweet dreams for you @lenatramper

Thanks a lot!

Have a nice day @lenatramper :)

Thanks and I wish you a nice evening!

Wow! Das sieht ja wirklich wunderschön aus! Wird gemerkt für den Winter.

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