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I have disappeared from Steemit for a while with a reason. I finally received my student visa to study in Germany and needed a full concentration on my so-called relocation.

I spent three amazing years in Spain, but I felt a need to move on. My friend was going to move to Berlin, so he asked me if I also wanted to take this adventure and of course I agreed. I have never had a fear of moving around, leaving everything behind to start over. On the contrary, this way of living is the only possible for me, at least for now.

I had never been to Germany before I moved to Berlin, and it was quite a risk, but I do not regret anything.

So far, I have spent a month in Berlin, and I love it here. Even though the city is very different right now from what it usually is due to pandemics and a variety of restrictions related to the second lockdown.

I have many plans to fulfill here, and I have a good feeling about all this! So stay tuned



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