Getting In Touch With Your fears

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Getting In Touch with Your Fears may sound like an oxymoron at first, but if you really think about it there are many times when our subconscious mind starts telling us that something is wrong and we start to act on it. The first thing that we have to do is examine our behavior and determine which fears are the most common and then work on removing them. For example, I have seen too many people freeze up when they are asked a question that they know the answer to. The same is true of driving, many times we get in our own world and feel like we can't perform the task at hand because we won't be able to get past that one problem.

One great way to get past your biggest fears is by asking those questions that bother you the most. This is not a bad idea and is one way of getting your mind around those particular problems. For example, if you are always afraid of asking questions when you are learning a new subject, try practicing your new knowledge by asking yourself questions about the subject instead. As you get better at asking questions you will find it easier and quicker to get yourself out of your zone. This technique also applies to driving. Ask yourself questions that you know the answers to and get comfortable driving.

Another way to get yourself out of a situation that causes a fear or anxiety is to acknowledge that it is an uncomfortable situation. This often causes the mind to start thinking about the problem. Once your mind has recognized that it is an uncomfortable feeling then it can start getting over your problem. This is similar to getting in touch with your fear. You simply acknowledge it and let it go.

Another thing that is very effective in getting in touch with your fear is to visualize a completely different outcome. This technique is called the 'hypnotic suggestion' and works extremely well. To do this simply close your eyes and envision the outcome that you want. Once you have done this five times you will then start to feel anxious about the outcome. By visualizing the desired outcome you have planted the seed for positive change in your subconscious mind.

Finally, getting in touch with your anxiety is through the process of negation. Simply do the opposite of whatever caused you anxiety. For example if you are afraid to do a handstand because you think it might fall, all you need to do is to stand up and do one. Or if you fear that you might tongue tied, all you have to do is to hold your tongue and move your mouth forward and backwards without moving your tongue at all. Doing this over again will expose you to the situations that cause the fear and over time will desensitize you.


The above two techniques are very simple yet very effective in getting in touch with your anxiety. They will not solve the problem permanently but they will get you a lot closer to recovery. As you become better at them you will probably find that it becomes second nature to you to use them when you feel anxious. This approach is great for people who have been suffering from panic attacks for years.


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