The Religious Dilemma

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Both religious people and Atheist have the same problem. They claim to know when in truth they know they don't. Atheist claim to know that God does not exist while religious people claim otherwise. The fundamental question however still remains, WHO IS GOD?

If you said something did not exist, it has to be something before it does not exist, right? If you say God does not exist or otherwise, who are you actually referring to as God?

While this is going on, some few people actually are trying to experience the phenomenon that there is something greater than the person as an individual. They are trying to reach this experiential and not through blind believe of any kind.

When you realize the vastness of this universe, you will likely ask yourself some questions that any religious doctrine will not want you asking.In fact, people have been burnt alive for asking questions which today has been proven to be true and helping the world live more comfortably. Meanwhile almost all the religious books encourage man to think, right? Where then from the limitations of thoughts? From the perspective of the religious doctrines we are supposed to know God at a personal level, why will He then have the need to limit the mind from wondering?

How can I know God if I have to believe a certain description forehand? There are more than a thousand and one descriptions so far and more comes up on daily bases, what does a man have to believe if in fact he is kept in a boundary of a believe system. Where one is asked to think at the same time warned not to think 'too much', come on.

The problems of society are always about one man believe(s) against another. People have identified with their believes so much that they think they are their believes. When people are like this, anything said that goes against this believe is like putting a knife in their flesh. People like this can perform many heinous acts in the name of this. Millions and millions of people have been slaughtered this way.

Were the prophets of history believers? Abraham, Moses, Zakariyah, Jesus, Mohammed etc... were these noble men believers?
Think about it because this write-up is not meant to provide answers but to highlight very important questions.

Do not let people or doctrines to rule fear over your life and make you do inhuman things that your natural self wouldn't dream of. You do not have to TOLERATE anyone for their believes. You only need to realize that they are just believes. If we knew for certain we wouldn't call them believes in the first place. The only time believe is required is when there is a lack of certainty. If you were sick and had to be operated on, and I said, I believe I can do it, would you then allow me?

That is the nature of believe, when there is certainty, believe is not required. So why do you have to hate someone for something you are not even certain about? To tolerate something means you to put up with it even though you hate it.Tolerating requires so much energy and you cannot do it forever, you will act out soon. But if you accept that these are just but believes then there is no need to tolerate...

This must be what God wants for man. That man sees his fellow man with love and not pretense. The Bible tells us to love even our enemies. It is simply telling us not to have enemies for how can you love someone u label as an enemy? It is like saying love those you hate. The moment you put that label of enemy on something, naturally you disgust that. Remove the labels on people and see them as just people. There is nothing more godly than that.


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