Trying some tools to create GIF'S

in #gif4 years ago

# Who wants to know how to create GIF's for your Steemit Posts???

  • I am looking forward to make some tutorials for you, so that you can easily create GIF's on your own with only a FEW CLICKS
  • I am going to make Screenshots and write down every STEP
  • I create GIF's during the creation of the tutorials

Hey steemians,

i am trying out some FREE tools online to create GIF's for my STEEMIT posts.

I want to deliver as many value to you as possible.

Well, You probably think now, why the hell is he doing this for FREE?

  • And i am going to tell you, that it is a pretty simple answer to that question

Who wants to know how to create GIF's for your Steemit Posts???




Greetings from Germany

Roman Rams aka. NEXANYMO



love it :)

love you

love you too <3

Love 2 see, that you love you 2

Would be perfect while listening to U2

@detlev what do you think

Cool, I like the boat and as well the text wave.

Thank you

Mich würde es sehr interesieren

Klasse, freut mich zu hören, ich werde mein bestes geben, ich werde denke ich morgen direkt loslegen, alles vorbereiten usw.

am very much ready ,so when do we start.

I think i am going to prepare everything tomorrow screenshots and all that stuff then i am writing a post maybe tomorrow as well

Awesome GIFs. What tool did you use to make them?

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