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RE: Hello, there GINA supporters!

in #ginabot3 years ago

Buildteam is already funding gina development and will gladly provide a server for it to continue existing. We are looking forward to all the awesome new features that are in the works!


Update, we got a nice dedicated server for gina and migration will begin soon. @neander-squirrel will announce when gina is up and running again.

Thank you ❤️ @reggaemuffin

great to see the Buildteam come to the aid of this much needed service. Community at work is always awesome to see. Nice work @reggaemuffin

Awesome... With a little help from friends!

So, this is how community is supposed to work? Lol awesome you guys, you are aawesome!!!

If no one else has told you today, you're awesome @reggaemuffin!!

That's what I like to hear. Awesome.

Excellent! Thanks for the great assist @regaaemuffin, to a wonderful service here on our Steem blockchain!