Added multilingual support and stickers to GIPHY | Life is better explained in GIFs!

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GIPHY Multilingual Support

Hi GIF lovers! I have silently rolled out an update to @giphy that includes support for the following languages:

es - Spanish
pt - Portuguese
id - Indonesian
fr - French
ar - Arabic
tr - Turkish
th - Thai
vi - Vietnamese
de - German
it - Italian
ja - Japanese
ru - Russian
ko - Korean
pl - Polish
nl - Dutch
ro - Romanian
hu - Hungarian
sv - Swedish
cs - Czech
hi - Hindi
bn - Bengali
da - Danish
fa - Persian
tl - Tagalog
fi - Finnish
iw - Hebrew
ms - Malay
no - Norwegian
uk - Ukrainian

All you have to do to invoke @giphy in your native tongue is to do the following:

!giphy-es monstruo where es in this instance is the two letter country code for Spanish.
@giphy defaults to English without the country code.

GIPHY Stickers

The other new feature is the use of the Sticker API.

A sticker is an (animated) GIF with transparent pixels.

To invoke a sticker from @giphy, the following command must be used:

!giphy-sticker fireworks

Standard usage

Of course, the standard @giphy command !giphy search+term still works as intended.

Some of the hardcore GIF lovers like @amico and @traciyork have already picked up on these updates.

That's all for now folks! Hope this brings some fun reacts on the chain.

Yours truly,

I'm co-owner of witness untersatz with organduo!


!giphy-sticker love

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!giphy-de Kartoffel

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Haha! Fantastic. It works! I had to look up what Kartoffel was too :)

!giphy-sticker good job

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!giphy beer

for you

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!giphy-fr merci!

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!giphy-de hervorragend

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!giphy-ru круто!

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