Final round of GIPHYM listed on Steem Engine | 6908 GIPHYM burned!

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Wassup GIF lovers? 6908 GIPHYM miners have now been burned! The FINAL ROUND of GIPHYM is now up on Steem Engine (1000 GIPHYM). They are priced at 1 STEEM per GIPHYM (a bargain at the current price of STEEM).


Just a few reminders

Up until now you could get only get GIPHY tokens by using one of these 3 methods:

Now you can also 'mine' them with GIPHYM (GIPHY miner), with the ratio 1:5!

Here's how it works (currently):

Let's say you have 5 GIPHYM in your Steem Engine wallet.
By doing so you will automatically receive 25 GIPHY coins every day (1:5 ratio).

These miners are guaranteed to mine if you have even 1 miner in your wallet. Oh, and you don't have to stake them. They mine automagically. I think this is much better than lottery mining...

What can I do with the GIPHY tokens?

  • Simply send GIPHY to @giphy with your post in the memo
    (max 500 GIPHY = 100% upvote from @giphy, any extra GIPHY is refunded)
    For further information, read here
  • Trade them on Steem Engine
  • HODL them and increase your token holdings!

Supply and market price

  • A total of 4,000 GIPHYM will be in circulation
  • Any unsold GIPHYM will be burned and the only way to get them will be on the open market

You can buy GIPHYM on Steem Engine here:

Powering up @giphy!

Every GIPHY miner and token that is bought will help power up the @giphy account to bring you bigger upvotes. Some leases have been purchased already :)


Of course, this is NOT financial advice.

Use your own due diligence!

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