Hey Witnesses what does this mean

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Saw a new entry in the github and with all powerdown, of course rumors are pumping!

Anyone want to say what it means, when it will be audited by the witnesses and what the plans are?



This is a change to the wallet functionality of condenser. Witnesses are not involved in any changes to this project.

These changes are to migrate the database structure of the website. The database is used to store facts about the blockchain so that the website doesn't have to constantly poll the API.

So it looks like, in addition to facts about the Steem blockchain, they're integrating some kind of connection to the Tron blockchain.

If I were to guess, it seems like perhaps Tron will be like a sidechain to Steem. Who knew?


There are also a number of other unmerged tron-related changes here. Maybe adding basic Tron wallet functionality to the Steemit/condenser wallet? Perhaps the reference to "rewards" means TRX staking rewards, not blogging or curating rewards?

Adding a TRX wallet would give the Steem community an easy on-ramp into TRX and vice versa.

From the original post:

Saw a new entry in the github and with all powerdown, of course rumors are pumping!

I'm now guessing that the powerdown has something to do with yesterday's JUST partnership announcement.

Interesting guess. Thanks

yeap. You got it

Not technically inclined enough to really understand that... but just looking at some of the naming conventions and logic loops, it comes across as some kind of step towards Steem and Tron coming together.


Replace steem with tron?

See Inertia's guess above.

haven't a clue what any of that means lol


Soooo... we gonna get Tron reward? Wow. @whatsup :o

yes. you will get tron reward along with steem reward

Where will the TRX reward come from? Also what will the relation be of TRX vs. STEEM in terms of price? Right now STEEM is trading for 5-6x the price of TRX.

So, basically, from the code and comment, just add a TRX reward, not affect steem, they stay together. Just give a users a optional about TRON. User can decide which they like

Does this mean that users can earn STEEM or TRX depending on what they prefer? Will the TRX be in direct relation to the amount of STEEM Power a user has and if so what will the conversion rate be?

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