Steembasicincome give away! ( again? Yes again, because we love them so much)

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Dear all

As I am still not done with buying Steembasicincome shares, I really love the project. Therefore, I am sponsoring 3 steemians into steembasicincome. And for every dollar on this post I will give away an extra share. Last time 5 steemians were sponsored.
The rules are simple:

  1. First of all you will need to reply why you would like to be sponsored.
  2. You will need to up-vote and re-steem this post, to be able to take part in the competition.

Previous winners can win again, and if you are already own shares in steembasicincome and want more shares, then please write to my why, and you can win more shares.

I am subjective who I give the shares to, so I like to hear your story and it is my decision to who I give it. Again last time everybody that responded got in, so good luck to you!

UPVOTE AND RESTEEM to take part.


To be honest this is brand new for me. I don't know (yet) what shares in steembasicincome is, so that 's directly for me a reason to participate. Not much of a fancy story, sorry. But no less sincear :) Have a great day !!

Hi, please check them out, it’s quite an extensive read,but worthwhile to read from beginning till the end, here is the link:

Indeed it is a lot of text :) but it seems interesting , so I volunteer to experience this concept..

For you to violenteer, I like to hear your story, why you are on steemit.

I am on steemit because I think (and hope) that I have something to tell the world and contribute all about my (and others) music. I really like to write and to just get that bit more information for the people who are willing to read what I am writing. That's about the content, besides that I think steemit is a brilliant platform with a great filosophy about content creators and content absorbers :). I'm not thinking that steemit will bring me fortune, and that is certainly not my goal. But I think people who creates, they are the one that earns the rewards and recognition for that. Steemit is a great place to 'help eachother' , the bigger steemians can (and will) help the more little steemians... It is a great community of which I greatly want to be a part of...

I will check it out right away !!

Awesome! I love steem and steembasicincome sounds like an exciting project I would love to take part in. Good luck to all :)

For you to violenteer, I like to hear your story, why you are on steemit.

I am on steemit as I am a big believer in blockchain technology and think it will change the world. Steemit is the most used blockchain and the community is very helpful and I like taking part in commenting, resteeming and posting content too :)

upvoted & resteemed, i hope i win! I think it's an awesome idea and I need to make more money on my posts lol.

Your name sounds Dutch, are you?
I like to hear your story, why you are on steemit.

No, don't believe I'm dutch. My last name was shortened from Demerskey. I honestly don't know a whole lot about my family history.

I'm on Steemit to learn more about crypto and to earn Steem. I'm currently blogging about my dog Floppy, he had back surgery and I'm trying to raise money here to pay for it. I also read the sports posts and I like to join a lot of contests.

I could bend your ears with sweet words but let me be blunt. I'm on Steemit to earn Steem.

I do like honesty, and, are you getting any upvotes and earning steem?

I do get upvotes, but it could be better.

I think for a newbee you are doing great!

Thanks for the compliment.

Hello everyone, my name is Devon, though I go by Lucky more often. I would really like to be sponsored. Why should I be chosen? Because I am dedicated to providing top shelf content that is aimed at teaching the Steemit community as well as others, various things including cryptocurrency. I have articles that break down the most difficult subjects and make them understandable to the average person. I also create my own original music and aim to make dtube and Steemit a popular choice for musicians to share their work. Basically, I am dedicated to helping others grow within the Steemit platform and I would be an asset to not only this community but a number of communities across Steemit.

Please consider me and check out my work @terminallyill

Hi lucky. I like lucky better, I call my son lucky luke, he hates it, but when I stop he tells me it is actually ok. I do wonder if the current steemian aren’t well aware of crypto currencies. But I might be wrong. It is one of my favorite subject to read about especially the TA analysts.
Thank you for replying.

Lucky is definitely my choice of the two. I've actually found from day one that people are not as well versed in crypto as you might think. i encourage you to check out my articles. Theres very informative material in there.

What's steem basic income?. What's steem shares?.

Put a newbie through @hefziba

I will, I will announce the winners today, but first a normal working day.

Im really excited about this project. Ive already nominated 10 people and delegated a bunch of shares. Its something Im happy to get behind and am even happier that so many other people are too!

I also love this project. I will announce the winners today, at put out another contest.