Airdrop news and my first Giveaway ! 💰( ^ ω ^ )💰

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In this brand new crypto world we should gather as much airdrop as we can. We never know which one may become the next Dash, Ethereum or even Bitcoin...

Hello again my dear and loyal Steemians how have you been on this weekend??

At the previous 2 days Bitcoin has, for the first time in its history reached 5.000 $ and lot of others coins are Surpassing their personal best price daily. That always make me wonder how lucky was the people who got aware of this coins existence right when they are still in project or recently released and its value was close to 0.01 $ and decided to invest even a small amount like 100$ on it.

I'm not a specialist and please let me know if you think I'm talking any nonsense here, I believe that despite of some exception such as BCC, or Etherium. when a cryptocoin is brand new they come from 0 value to something very cheap and the more people start getting interest on the developers works to that coin more people start invest or even support its Idea which end up rising this coin price with time.

One of the ways the developers use to do in order to make their coin visible and their project Idea listened some of them promote an Airdrop, where they literally start giving tokens of their coins to people for free or for a very low price. We must be fully aware that it may never get a real value and start being trading in a exchange and any money you have invested on this new coin will be like burned away. But it also can get to the trading stage, and become more and more valuable with time, so that person who got 100$ when it worth about 0.01 decide to sell when the coin is 1$ it will recieve 10.000$ in return of his investment.

But I think that when we got the info that coin is doing a free airdrop, there is no reasonable reason for us to not give it a try. couse if it works you just earned free money, if it don't... well you didn't lose anything at all. With that on mind When I read this post from @knozaki2015 I decided I should give it a try.

Swift Demand is projecting a centralized coin experiment based on daily income. All users will receive 100 coins every day. Until they have 5,000,000 users, users will also be able to get a 500 coins bonus for each people who use his refer link to sing up. after they achieve this 5,000,000 users this bonus will no longer happen and the only form to get new coins is by your daily income.

you can get more info about this coin's project on the FAQ section of their site.

If after you read about their coin project Idea you fell like you want to give it a try feel free to use My referral link it will instantly grant me 500 bonus and 100 bonus to you.

In addition I would like to use this opportunity to promove my first giveaway experiments here, here are the rules:

  • If you decide to join using my refer link send me a print of your account created in the comment.
    if you where among the first 10 your comment will receive an upvote proportional to your position,
    1° gets 100%
    2° gets 90%
    3° gets 80%
    10° gets 10%

after 11° all comments with the account photo will recieve a 5% upvote.

  • If you decide to resteem my post let me know in the comments too, I will make a transfer from my wallet to yours proportionally to the number of followers your account have.
    <100 I'll transfer you 0.1 SBD
    101~200 I'll transfer you 0.2 SBD
    201~300 I'll transfer you 0.3 SBD
    801~900 I'll transfer you 0.9 SBD
    901~1000 I'll transfer you 1 SBD
    1000> I'll transfer you 1 SBD, read some of yours recent posts and cast a full upvote on the one I like the more.

Since this Is my first giveaway experiment I honestly have no Idea how will people react to it, I don't really believe It will be necessary but if for some reason my rewarding system gets somehow out of my control I reserve my self to post an update changing the rewarding rules or even finishing this giveaway.

It is not a requirement to upvote this post in order to participate on this giveaway, But it would be truly appreciated, and helpful for me to decide starting making giveaways more often.

If you know about any other airdrop happening please share with your bothers and sisters on the comment section ^^

Ps: Remember by just clicking in the resteem button you will be giving an amazingly support to great content authors to keep doing his good work. So do not hesitate to resteem or even making a post about a good content you have seen, share it with your Steemit brothers and sisters! ^^

Thank you for reading my post!

I'm @andyluy a Brazilian jobless college student, freshman at cryptocurrencies who live in Rio de Janeiro, love to make new friends , travel around the world, having adventures and believe that steemit can help me to gather 20,000 $ to realize my life dream to study in Japan!

I intend to post about amazing things I've experienced, and hope soon be able to bring you with me to my new adventures !

You are invited to follow me and be my guest into this experiences.


Great post and excellent suggestion. I used your refer link. swift ID created is #Alfalfaswiftdemand.jpg

Congratulation @alfalfa you're the 2nd one !! ^^/

dei um resteem e paguei o ninja pra você agora meu amigo ;-)

vc ganha um upvote diferenciado fora do giveaway =D

opa, nice mate!!1 you rock man!!

Thanks for the post @andyluy. Have joined using your referral link. Swift ID created #Abhisrkr

  • Resteemed your post as well.

Abhisrkr_Swift Demand.PNG

Congratulation you're the 3° one !! ^^/
I'm sending your transfer right now !

Thanks Andy, I have also created a swift ID using your refer link. Yey for basic income. Swift ID is Sday2 :)

Congratulation you're the 4° one !! ^^/

Great. I used your refer link. ID created is #Lirfael

Congratulation you're the 5° one !! ^^/

Olá @andyluy, esses dias você perguntou de uma dúvida não sei se você viu minha resposta! Mas deixo aqui novamente!
Ou você vê nesse post básico do @krnel, Cujo link: .

Ou no próprio post do Steem : .

Ótima semana!

Oie @anacristinasilva, Eu vi sim, mas deixei pra tinha deixado pra responder vc depois e acabei esquecendo ^^"

muito obrigado por se preocupar em me re-enviar as respostas ! Eu vou testar direitinho essas commandos de alinhamento e formatação pra ver se com isso consigo ir melhorando o formato dos meus posts.

Muito obrigado msm! ^^

Imagina, isso acontece! 😊

A byteball tava com Airdrop também, mas deixei passar.
Vou dar uma olhada no projeto da Swift.

bom saber !! vou dar uma checada sobre a byteball vlw !!!

you have me listening :)

should join our whaletank hangout for this :)

Oh I would love to, Where can I find an invite to it ? :D

Great posts can be useful can be an experience. Hopefully be a friend who can help me to like you ..... to dream and hope to be achieved. Like @sinta need friend support. Best regards. you are a good friend who support me. the best friend's in this esetim. please you please i love my poetry. i accept your suggestion

I like this post @andyluy

I didn't really understand but thank you! ^^"

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Goodluck to your journey :-)
Upvoted your post!

Thank you @athenabree08 ♥ ^^/

How cool. I'm excited to see how your experiment goes! I still so new here, I don't think my resteem would do anything for you LOL. But I'm excited to watch and learn from you. Also, so cool that you want to visit Japan, and study there! I studied Japanese in college. But Japan is just soooo expensive. I guess if I make it big one day on Steemit...hahaha

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Great post. Thanks for sharing!

Thank you for your feedback ^^

You're most welcome! :)


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resteemed to my 200 followers

already made your transfer ^^/

If you decide to sing up with my reffer dont forget to post the photo here so I'll upvote too =)

Thanks a lot 😊

Thanks for the heads up on this airdrop. Resteemed to my 3,000 followers!

Hello @paul.atreides !
Are you sure you have resteemed? I can't see on your profile, maybe something have happened. I'll be waiting for your confirmation ^^/

Sorry about that. It is resteemed now. Here is a tip! for your troubles.

No problem!

your transfer is done ^^/

Since I hadn't found any recent post from you in your blog I'll fully upvote your comment stead.

Awesome, thanks so much!

thank you for your good feedback ^^

So interesting. I'm opening your link now. Thank you my friend

Thank you for participating ,I see you have resteemed and already send you your transfer!
If you decide to use my reffer to sing up on the swiftdemand do not forget to comment here with a print of your account created so I can upvote it as promissed ! ^^

I'm on swiftdemand now my friend!

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you're the 1st one congratulation ! ^^/

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