What is the Best Cryptocurrency Logo? I will give away .2 Steem on a random comment below!

in #giveaway4 years ago

I thought it would be cool to see which cryptocurrency logo's you all think are the best. All you need to do to be entered in to the giveaway is follow and comment. The giveaway winner will be picked on Sunday, March 18th. I am going to choose 10 different cryptos with their logos and I would like for you all to comment below, upvote, follow, and resteem if you like this content. Also, if you have another crypto logo that you like more than these please let me know in the comments below and you will also be entered in to win the giveaway. Thank you all for checking this out!

  1. Bitcoin
    bitcoin logo.png

  2. Ripple

  3. Electroneum
    electroneum logo.png

  4. Stellar
    stellar lgo.png

  5. Iota
    iota logo.png

  6. Cardano
    cardano logo.png

  7. Wabi

  8. Steem

  9. Tron
    tron logo.jpg

  10. Neo
    neo logo.jpg


They are all nice , when they go up in value!

Lol But Which Logo Is The Coolest?

From this list I like Bitcoin but over all I like the Lisk one. I don’t own it but I like the logo.

Great post. I like the ripple logo the best

I Like It! My Favorite Is Iota..
But It Was Close Between Iota ,Electroneum, And Cardano. The Swirl in The Iota Logo Is Kind Of Like Drawing You in. Which Is Why i Like It, And the Electroneum Just Looks Awesome! Also The Ripple Logo Looks Like A Fidget Spinner Doesn't It? Anyone Agree With Me?
Anyway Thank's For The Contest!

This is a good post, followed you so keep them coming.

Here's A Tip! If You Keep Commenting Great Post! Or Worth A Follow! You're Comment's Can Be Mistaken As Spam And You Might Get Downvoted (Flaged) Even If You're Intention Was Not To Spam. Please Try To Be Careful!

I gotta go with electroneum on this , looks like the flashes logo

I have to agree with you my favorite is electroneum as well.

  1. Bitcoin! Not as visually interesting as some, but iconic :)

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I like Steem's logo. It looks pretty much real to its name.

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