800 Follower Steem Giveaway

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Hey everyone!  It was just 2 days ago that I celebrated 700 followers with a giveaway that is still ongoing.  Now that I crossed 800 a short while ago,  it is time for another giveaway! 

I am giving 8 Steem to whoever has the closest guess of the price of Steem(according to CoinMarketCap) at the exact time that I receive the payout for this post. 

Here are the rules:

1. Follow me on Steemit

2. Upvote this post

3. Resteem for an extra guess (optional)

4. Guess the price of Steem at the time of this post's payout

5. Get the guess exactly right and win a bonus $88 dollars worth of Steem!

Good luck to all and make sure you check out the following:

Thursday Throwdown- Let's all help Steemit Grow- A weekly post that's payout will go towards advertising Steemit

Weekly Wednesday Feature- Featuring a new follower of mine every week

700 Follower Giveaway- Ongoing giveaway on my blog

To to the moon,




Seeing this post made me think of own giveaway!
I'm giving away 100 dollars worth of free Steem to celebrate 250 followers!
Also giving away a 4500 SP upvote to a minnow with good content.
Entry details here!

I’m glad that I inspired you to do some giveaways!

Good luck @cryptoeater!


steem - $ 6.8 (usd)

Upvoted and resteemed!

My guesses: $6.40 and $7.20!

Resteemed, so my 2 guesses are:
$6.66 (the number of the beast) and $6.84

Nice post.I respect you very much because you contribute to steemit.I will do activities like you.I would like to extend the steemit.

btc very nice post.

  1. $6.85
  2. $7.11


$5.24/ $6.78

Steem : 9.10 usd

Steem: $6.45 and $6.68.

post payout would be $103
$6.05 per steem

Steem= $6.27

2nd guess = $6.32

$5.58+ Steem in 5 days

My instinct tells me $ 6.36

5.75$ and guess for resteem: 6.20$

Steem Price will be ~$9.67usd

$6.37 and 2nd guess $6.95

$ 7.6

I am in ..

$ 6.7032

7.23 USD

7.32 USD

Steem= $6.27
2nd guess = $6.32

Congrats @cutiepie! You were the closest guess and the correct price was $4.26.

I’ll send over your 8 Steem soon!

Thank you so much you made my special :D

This post has received a 7.94 % upvote from @booster thanks to: @bwells.

Steem = 5.38$

7.43 USD/ 6.73 USD

congrats man!!! I just hit 420 followers and doing 1 sbd giveaway, lol. One day i hope to be a big dawg like you and give away more!!

my guess will be 7.12

First of all, Congratulations for 800 followers. I think that it will be 6.9

  1. $5.65
  2. $6.98

That is hard

steem : 6.37 usd

My guesses will be that steem= $5.65 or $6.15


5.62 $ steem



6.76$ or 4.27$

$5.94 and $5.82

Steem= 5.56$
Steem= 5.34$

i'm gonna go high with this one to set myself apart lol


followed! congrats on the followers! we're close to 500 and thinking of what to do to celebrate <3

Congratulation for 800 followers:)
Steem price = 6.12$

Upvoted and resteemed!
My guess is $6.30

Congratulation for this achievement. This number will reach 1000 soon !
My guess for the price of Steem will at 4.45 $ !

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